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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not much going my way

This has been a week for me to stay out of action, and it's just as well because nothing I do turns out satisfactory.

I finally got in touch with the urgent care center I went to on March 26 to see if I could have Valley Fever. If you read my blog a week or so ago, you will know that I was so dehydrated they couldn't draw blood, so I was referred to a nearby lab which I went to a couple of days later. I was supposed to get a call from the med center when the results came in, but I had to call them this afternoon to find out the test was negative. The tech insisted they had called my phone several times to tell me that, but if they did it didn't show up on my Calls register. I hate it when people feel the need to lie about things like that.

So I don't have Valley Fever, and I've taken the entire Z-Pack. I feel better, and I can't eat enough to satisfy my appetite. But the deep cough is still there, although not as bad as it was.

I went out today to get a look at a storage facility just a few blocks away that has inside climate-controlled storage, although it would probably mean being on an upstairs floor and having to use an elevator. The doors were locked when I got there although the sign said they were open. The UPS delivery man came up and told me the company had just switched owners and the new management decided to save money and do away with all but one employee. That employee was obviously in another part of the building for the time I waited. The UPS guy and I talked trucks, and to say he admired my truck would be an understatement. I wish someone would look at me with that kind of lust! It is a sweet truck if I do say so.

I want to advertise the truck and camper but just haven't felt well enough to drag the generator over to the RV storage and try to charge up the battery. I want to sell them as a combo, but will sell separately although the camper has to go first. Maybe in another week I'll feel like dealing with it.

Meanwhile I've gotten organized and am trying to write down everything that will need to go into the storage, as well as how many boxes and their sizes. That one's a bit difficult to estimate, but at least I'm getting down to facing what needs to be done.

Meanwhile I've loaded up on books from the library and have been reading at an avid pace. I started out with a very heavy book called Outlander, a tale that takes place in Scotland before the English did them in completely. I liked the book and in fact ordered the next two in the series. When I went to pick them up I decided against it - one covers the period of the battle at Culloden - think Braveheart. Just too much violence for me, so I stocked up on light-hearted mysteries.

So now I'm 3 weeks and just a few days away from being homeless and I'm sitting around reading books. Procrastination is what it's called, and it's going to kick me in the rear end about the last week in April!


  1. Guess I'm a little confused here, or can't remember all of your posts. How are you getting to NY, and what happened to Lassen??

  2. Boy this SO reminds me of myself. When I have too many things hanging over my head, what do I do? Curl up and read. Escape for sure.

    I read the Outlander Series and enjoyed it. I'm not much for violence and don't remember too much of it. I tend to just skim over that part.


  3. Aren't you even going to try the Lance? Why not drive it to NY and sell it there? Try it, you might like it!

  4. I'm so glad you are feeling somewhat better with a little more energy. The cough could last for weeks so hang in there.

    I much prefer reading to packing boxes - a no brainer for me. But eventually it will have to be done. Maybe you're like Jim and need that deadline on top of you to get it done.

  5. Reading can be a great way of relaxing & dealing with stress. Nothing like a good book to get one's mind of things for a bit. I would read a lot more if my eyes were better, but....
    Too bad the camper idea hasn't worked out. I am thinking you may be a bit overloaded in the stress department right now. Going to have to prioritize some things & deal with them one at a time. I think you may be needing some good old, 'sense of accomplishment' at the moment. And maybe throw a pinch of Spring Tonic into the mix as well:))

  6. I also read the Outlander series - I love it and can't wait for the next one in the series! :)

  7. I am worried about you, Gypsy. How long has it been since you had a complete check-up? It also seems like you have been depressed a lot lately. Take care of yourself, and maybe if you felt better you would like your camper. Right after you got it you sounded so positive about it. Did the fall change your mind?

  8. It sounds like you're feeling much better, that's good! I agree, I love light mysteries, too. Sometimes I put things off, too, when I'm overwhelmed. Then things just seem to fall into place. You'll get everything done.

  9. Gypsy,

    The Outlander series are my favorite novels. I don't like violence in movies, but the violence in these books is tempered enough to make it okay for me. I have learned so much from this series in relation to history and culture of the times. Diana Gibaldon is a great author who really does her research. I'm on my fourth time of reading the series, and I, too, am looking forward to the next one.

    I suggest you give the series another try.

    Good luck with your health and your decision-making.

    Selene, NC

  10. The Outlander series are GREAT!! The violence is tempered by the story as a whole and if u got thru the 1st one, the rest aren't any worse than that. Should give it a try. Once i started could not stop, they are a great story and read!

  11. Just remember your never really homeless until you sell that camper!

    Good Luck