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Friday, April 15, 2011

Getting my truck ready

I got new tires on the front today, plus replaced the driver's side tie-rod end, and had an alignment. I only understand the tire part! Plus I got new premium wiper blades and they lubricated the brake pedal. I was noticing a moan sometimes when I hit the brake pedal, so one of the techs drove around the parking lot with me and thought it might be the pedal itself. They assured me the brakes look fine. I love dealing with Les Schwab because they don't take advantage of you and try to sell you service you don't need, such as many car dealers do. Asheville Dodge (where I bought my Grand Cherokee) would have solemnly told me, "Yep, it sounds like the brakes are bad".

The buyer of my camper paid me my full asking price, but he didn't need the truck. He said he had a couple of friends who were interested, so he went over the truck with a fine-toothed comb, taking pictures of everything. Then he proceeded to tell me all the things that would have to be done to bring it up to par - like the front bumper needs repainting (there is a small patch that was scraped off), there's a ding here and a dent there, etc. Then he mentioned some ridiculously low price that I might be looking for, so I set him straight on that and haven't yet heard from any of his friends. This truck is a work horse, and she's been "rode hard and put away wet"! In my estimation she proves her worth every day.

One of the techs at Les Schwab said a friend of his was looking to upgrade from a F-150, so I told him the lowest price I would accept and said that I'm leaving for the east in exactly one month. I really don't want to have to deal with rushing to get something else to drive, but at least I know the interest is there. The odometer just went over 92k, and it is a joy to drive. While I was waiting I chatted with another woman who was having 2 new tires put on her Prius. She told me she gets 51 mpg. I think with the hybrids the city mileage is a bit higher than the highway mileage, and 51 in the city ain't half bad. I wonder how I would squeeze Lady in and still have room for anything else.

I'm gratified by all the positive comments I've received, and I hope to take a trip worth writing about. This has been a stressful but terrific week, that is ending on a good note. That makes me feel I'm on the right track.


  1. I think your headed down the right trail in contemplating a smaller vehicle. In a fuel efficient smaller car I would suggest a 4 door with a hatchback. Surprising how much room are in those things. Kelly's last two vehicles have been hatchbacks & they are great for hauling stuff. I still think the most practical vehicles on the road are Mini-Vans. You can stretch out & camp in them, haul lumber home, pile in a bunch of people if necessary & they are easy for dogs to get in & out of etc. etc. Seats easily fold down into the floor in the newer ones. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Mini-Van some day.

  2. You may have pondered this previously, before I started reading, but what about a Class B camper van? It has the boondiocking ability (somewhat...) and you are still driving a more 'normal' size vehicle. I'll keep reading to see what happens next. I'm still working out the details of what it is I want when I go full time.

  3. I think you mentioned looking for a Roadtrek. They're great, but don't rule out a Pleasureway. They're very similar.

    We have a '98 Pleasureway and it is, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever bought. We've driven it across the country, and back, 3 times in the past 4 years and have never had even a moment's trouble. It has never been in the shop for anything other than routine maintenance. We're going fulltime soon and the only thing that makes us hesitant is how much we love that van. We don't want to sell it. Heck, we sold our second car and use the van around town as a daily driver. It's the only thing I ever drive anymore. I love having a bathroom and refrigerator with me at all times. lol

    That's not a sales pitch because I think my best friend is going to buy it. That's the other great thing about a B: if you buy one and decide it isn't for you, they are really easy to sell. We find notes on ours all the time with phone numbers of people who want to buy it if we're ever selling. It's crazy!

  4. I'm playing catch up here this morning on the blogs that I read. Congrats on the sale. You've still got your tent don't you? The camper cabins sounded like an interesting option.

  5. I agree with Pamela, a B Class would be my choice. Take your time looking though because you really want to know if you like it. Maybe you could rent one for a week or two and go after you leave the apartment. That would give you a pretty good idea.

  6. There will always be people interested in our big trucks. Stick to your guns, they are worth a lot and some of them will last for 500,000 miles.

  7. We plan on putting well over 200,000 on our truck - maybe even shoot for 300,000. So they are well worth the price. Hang in there. The right person will want her for the right price.