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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Feeling the freedom already!

I went to the apartment first thing, swept the patio and then threw the broom into the dumpster, then turned in the keys. I didn't even go inside as Donald & Jeannie went with me last night to check it out. I wanted someone with sharp eyesight to make sure everything was immaculate and that I didn't leave anything in the cabinets.

I got my hair cut short today and it looks much better. I wish I could wear my hair long, and every now and then I try it again, but the shorter style is best for an aging face.

I bought a new tent as I realized my tent was with son Steve, in Monterey, CA. I think I'm going to love the new one - basically two poles, 5'6" headroom (and the walls don't slope so that the headroom is good in almost the entire tent. It's a 4-person tent which may seem like a lot, but the number of people who fit comfortably in a tent is always less than what is stated in the advertising. This will be good for me and the dog and give us plenty of move-around room. Best of all it has a full rainfly, and no matter what anyone says, those little awnings will NOT keep a rain out unless it is falling gently straight down. I'm told that a camp cot assures a perfect night's sleep, and I'll probably break down and get one.

I also bought a book on tent camping in northern CA, and found this gem:

"Go tent camping. Live in paradise for a few days. Camping makes you want to sin like the damned, sleep like the righteous, and hike like the last of the great American walkers. It's a balm for the weary soul!"

Sin, sleep and hike. Can't think of anything better!

I also stopped at AAA and picked up some new maps for the northeast, as the ones I have are several years old. You know what I'll be doing for the next couple of weeks - looking at maps even though I might not make it up into New England this trip.

Now I need to go find a couch to stretch out on and take a look at those maps.


  1. So glad that you are out of that moldy appartment.
    Now another phase of your life begins.
    Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.
    My very best wishes for the future.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Looking forward to reading your "travel"blog! Glad you are making progress.

  3. I whacked my hair off too. I let it grow for awhile but couldn't stand it any longer. So it's short again.

    You sound so much happier in this post. I'm really excited to read all about your journey.

  4. Glad you are feeling better. That tent sounds good. Hope you find lots of wifi spot so that you can keep us up to date.

  5. I vote for a cot. Sleeping on the ground sucks, and trying to get up in the morning is worse! :)

  6. You're on the way to freedom and wonderful adventures. See you at the "right" end of the USA. Hope to meet you somewhere in the East. I'm so excited for you.

  7. What brand model tent did you choose? I will be very interested in how well it works out for you when you use it.

  8. You must feel like quite a weight has been lifted off your shoulders now that you are out of that apt. Enjoy the stay and food with your kids. The food sounds sooooooo good.
    Good thing to buy the cot, I couldn't get off the ground if my life was in danger.
    Short hair for traveling is the best.

  9. A great feeling being free!! You go girl!!

  10. AAA also offers campground books, I got mine through the mail, but maybe you can pick them up. They are rather handy, though they don't have all the campgrounds in them. If you end up anywhere near Hartwell Lake on the Georgia/South Carolina border, (I-85) you are more than welcome to camp with me, there is no charge and I'm here in my mini-motorhome so it would be camping with benefits. I have a washer, so you can catch up on your laundry too. My puppy dog LOVES all dogs and people, so your fur baby is more than welcome. I am workamping here from now through summer, they don't mind if I have company as it's semi remote, but on the lake.

  11. I am so glad to see you start to roam again. Maybe we can meet up when you get to the east.

    I to love maps. The GPS is good but maps better. When I was learning marine navigation one of my instructors always told me that all the electronic gadgetry is great but in the end "trust your eyes and trust your charts." I would guess that would hold true on the roads as well as the water.

    Have safe travels Gypsy and I am looking forward to reading more as you roam.

  12. Things are looking up Gypsy...I can hear it in your voice!


  14. My hair is to my waist & I would hate to cut it. I thought it would not grow when I started. It so nice to be our age & have a beautiful head of hair. The secret: quit cutting it. Don't even have to dry it. It styles itself.

  15. Sounds like so much fun Gypsy! Hope you have a safe camping experience, it will definitely give you a new perspective and allow you to connect with yourself and nature. Enjoy yourself.
    All the best,
    Max Auto Coverage Pro

  16. Wow Gypsy you ARE almost "on the road again". I'm just getting caught up with you after having no internet for a week and trying get my own blog up to date. Haven't finished that but I'm close

    Your Tent sounds exactly right. Better too much room than too little. Take it from someone who tent camped for 30 years before "graduating"???? to a motorhome.

    For a good night's sleep, just make sure the spot you pitch it on is level. Anxious to hear how you like a cot. I always used two thick LL Bean camping pads. They were space hogs when traveling but oh so comfy.


  17. What fun!! Be safe, and remember to share your experiences with us:).