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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just have to keep on keepin' on

I got a few things accomplished in the packing and cleaning department today, but not much. My oven is clean so I won't be using it again, and all but one small pan is in a box, so I won't be cooking much.

Thanks to everyone who has given me suggestions on how to find housing back east. I wrote several emails asking about pets and got shot down on all them. I think Lady is the determining factor on what I will do and where I will go. There are lots of folks I want to visit along the east coast from NY to NC and heading west through KY, but unfortunately I'm not welcome to take her anyplace. No one wants an 85# shedding machine around. I am beginning to realize that the 5th wheel best suited traveling with a pet, but I wouldn't want to go back to that particular 5th wheel again, nor any other one for that matter.

I read an interesting comment recently on a forum about Lance truck campers and the propensity of the front windows in that camper to leak. It usually requires removing the window, cleaning all the residue from all surfaces inside and out, laying new putty tape, resetting the window, and then caulking. The poster remarked that he never had a problem with leaking in the windshield of his Chevy, or any other windows for that matter. Of course people like to talk about the stress and flex going down the highway, but hey, that Chevy is leading the train and it surely takes some flex and stress. I'm beginning to wonder if RV's aren't shoddily made (and it seems to make no difference what manufacturer or price you pay) just because they can do it and still get buyers.

I don't want to deal with the problems anymore, but still want to travel and drive down the "other road" if I feel like it. I need to figure out how I can do it without having to get another RV with all their built-in problems. I think maybe there is no way. Any way I look at it, it would be so much easier without a dog.

Having said all that, it is still my plan to drive east and I'll just face and deal with the issues as I come to them. I will probably only stay at my son's house in NY for a couple of weeks since I can't afford the kennel rates, nor do I want to leave Lady wondering if I'll be back for her.

One final observation today is that we've all gone through paring down our possessions in order to fit into an RV. I myself did a wonderful job back in 2008 of getting rid of things I didn't really need, and I simplified my life to a great extent. One year in an apartment shoots that all to hell, I can tell you. I still haven't accumulated as much as I could have, but I'm wondering what happened to me.


  1. On yesterdays post my daughter lives in Winchester Va. I great place to live, she is with in a 2 mile of I-81 exit, on 522 south. Winchester Star paper has all kind of places for rent good luck.
    ps. I read your blog all the time, at one time I was going to be fulltiming but life happened.But I still read about it.

  2. Traveling with your own house is definitely the best way be it for pets or your own bed, your own space and your own food. I have no desire to travel much without it.

    We originally got the 38 ft Titanium because of our dog but we loved the size and the space except when it came to towing. Gordon was really tired of the towing part.

    Hope you get all your travels sorted out!

  3. Stuff seems to just happen and then when its time to move on you wonder where did this all come from and why. Good luck. You may just have to buy a small RV of some kind.

  4. That's a great looking truck. I wonder if you could pull a smaller sized TT. You'd have your own bed and a place for Lady. In any case, you'll find places to stay when you need them. Lots of places are pet friendly. Do a Google for Pet Friendly Motels wherever you are, and there should be some.

  5. I travel in a Honda Odyssey and love it. I also carry a small popup screen room. Did you leave SoloWomen? Lots of discussions over there about various ways to be a gypsy! ;)

  6. I seem to have accumulated a lot of "stuff" even in the 5th wheel!
    I like my apartment, but every night I am online looking for another RV! I even thought about a F350 Van, and convert it myself!

  7. Have you thought about trying to find a home for Lady? There are a lot of foster homes out there that might be willing to take her for a few months or help you find a home for her. I know you love her but I think she really adds to your stress level.

    If we moved into an apt or a condo, I am sure we would also accumulate lots more stuff. And that would make me really stressed.

  8. There is no doubt that having a pet, even a small one, limits your ability to move a round and do what you want. Before our guest dog arrived, we just closed the RV door and headed out. Now we have to always think about Halley and what needs to be done with her. There are so many places you cannot take a dog. At times it is very frustrating.

    I have no real answers but understand your issues.

  9. Without Lady, who would you talk to before going to bed? She is an integral part of you, and leaving her off at a good home will be the hardest thing ever. Like you say just keep on movin on....