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Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am so tired of this place!

I have the bar stool and a camp chair to sit on, and my air mattress to sleep and nap on, but I should have everything else cleared out soon. Tomorrow I will be at Jeannie's house for a big part of the day, but Monday it will be time to get serious. Jeannie & Donald came by this afternoon and took a lot of boxes and smaller items to the storage for me. What I'm really having a problem with is clothing. I can't make up my mind what and how many of different things I should take with me. I know I've packed too many pairs of jeans, but I don't like to do laundry more often than every two weeks, and sometimes I can stretch it a bit longer. That means I need lots of everything.

I solved one problem and ordered a tonneau cover this afternoon. It is one of the more inexpensive ones, but since I hope to sell the truck in NY I don't want to invest a lot into anything else for it. At least I will be able to carry most everything in the truck bed. The cover won't stop a determined thief, but I hope I won't have any determined thieves around - I just want to deter anyone with quick grabby hands!

Donald looked at the various covers online, and the one I selected seems to be easy enough to install. He showed me a picture of a woman doing it. Hahaha. I guess I could have in my younger days, but I simply don't want to do anything like that any more. I feel a lot better about the upcoming trip now, as I was getting a bit downhearted just thinking about how I could carry everything, make enough room for Lady, and not be robbed blind.


  1. I had a small truck and it was a pain to make stops along the way to where ever. I or if i was with someone had to put everything in the small back seat and front while we walked around and had a meal. then it all had to be taken out and put in the bed again. And after the 3rd door broke it was a real pain. I know it will make your life a lot easier.

  2. You'll love thee truck cover. I can do ours with no problems. Good luck and we'll be following along.

  3. I am so glad you bought the truck cover. I really think you'll like it and it will make life so much easier for you. As it gets closer and closer to time to move on I get so antsy and just want to get it over and get on the road. So I know just how you feel. It's almost here.

  4. Good idea! I wanted to ask you what kind of air mattress you bought? I hate, just hate my bed in my apartment and was thinking about an air mattress. I think Barney (old fat man) uses one in his RV.

  5. That's a good solution. And if it rains, your things won't get wet, and the wind won't blow stuff around.

  6. I got to thinking about it after I told you about my folding hard cover, that I had to install it and you do have to lift it while folding it, I nice soft top, is a lot easier to manage and a whole lot less expensive.Good Choice. I know you will enjoy it, you can also get a loch for your tailgate handle , they are not to expensive. my covers came with locks and a bracket to hold the tailgate closed when in the locked position. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. Hope you packed some shorts too. Eventually it will get warm up north. :) The cover sounds like a very good idea.

  8. Just curious. Based on your research is there more of a demand for an F350 on the East coast than there is on the West coast?

  9. So glad to hear you are getting out of that place. You sure have had some trials and tribulations while living there (noisey neighbors, water leaks, parking etc.)

    Now on to your NEXT adventure!!!

    Karen and Steve
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