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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The down side

I thought today was going fairly well - Donald and Jeannie helped me move my furniture and the boxes I had packed into my truck and over the few blocks to the storage unit. When we got the first load upstairs to the unit, we found that the manager hadn't taken their lock off the door, so we couldn't get in. On Sunday there is no one in the office, so I called a different number and reached a customer service rep. She promised to try to arrange someone to come over and help me out, and about 20 minutes later I recognized a guy who worked in the office. It turned out he was there for a different reason, but he was able to take the lock off my unit, and we eventually got everything moved in.

I decided to go ahead and move the mattress and springs today since I might not have my truck long, and they are too large to move in Don's van or whatever I might buy. I have an air mattress I used in Asheville when my furniture was taken away, and I figured it would work just as well this time. I have a different vacuum cleaner now, and the hose on this one doesn't blow air out, it just sucks it in. So I have doubled over a comforter thinking I can sleep on it tonight, but am beginning to wonder about doing that - I surely won't get a good night's sleep, and I have to be at Enterprise tomorrow at 9:30 am.

One of my sons called me and gave me a lot of good reasons why I shouldn't rush into buying anything tomorrow. He thought (and rightly so) that I didn't wait long enough between selling the 5ver and buying the truck camper, and doesn't want to see me make another mistake. So I'm torn now, and I know in the end I will do what I want to do, but it adds to the confusion and stress, and I'm not even going to be able to get a good night's sleep.

Even with all the things we moved today, I still have an overwhelming amount of items to pack and move, and the truck to clean out. Then I will begin trying to clean this place so I can turn in the keys. I'll be getting dog hair out of the carpet for a week!


  1. After listening to everyone's advice, consider it and then do what YOU want. After the decision is made, don't worry about it and please don't over do it.

  2. I don't think I could sleep on the floor! I don't envy you with moving and all the boxes. I still have plenty to unpack. Just not going to worry about it!

  3. I think the Fiver & the Lance decision was a horse with a different color. Downsizing from a large diesel truck to a smaller fuel effecient vehicle is a wise decision. But, not too small because of your camping interests. Still think a mini van is a perfect vehicle for all your needs. Easy for Lady to get in & out of as well through either one of the sliding side doors. Just take out or fold your back seats down, throw your air mattress back there & your good to drive & camp anywhere you like. The hatch allows you to load all kinds of cargo & a mini van drives just like a cushy car & is easy to park. In my view, there is not a more practical vehicle on the highway. Take one for a drive & see what you think:)) No, I don't work for a mini van company:))

  4. Sometimes advice is good. Sometimes it just confuses the issue. Good luck! Sleeping on the floor without an air mattress would result in me not getting any sleep. :(

  5. As the old saying goes, advice is worth what you pay for it. Consider all the issues and then take your best shot. Good luck.