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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy Saturday

First thing this morning I signed the paperwork for renting the storage unit, and will begin moving things over tomorrow.

I then drove to Enterprise Rentals and Car Sales. They offer no-haggle prices, which suits me fine because I hate to haggle. They also take trade ins at Blue Book value + $500, I explained to the salesman what I had in mind and he zeroed right in on what I could afford and come out even between the trade in and the purchase price, with no need to finance. At this stage of my life I'm not financing anything! Actually the last time I didn't pay cash for a car was in 1982 when I went back into the work force and bought a 1982 Toyota Tercel.

The salesman is super and there was absolutely no pressure to buy.

I didn't want to rush into anything today, so we set an appointment for Monday morning when I will come in and we will go out to Roseville Enterprise to get the car, and I can drive it back. OMG, I've been thinking all along that I would have him drive back to Rancho Cordova, because I avoid Roseville like the plague. Unbelievable traffic! But if he drives me out there, he will have to drive back, and I will have to drive the vehicle I hope to buy. Oh lord help me. I'm doing a lot better now, but I still don't like to drive in areas that I don't know very well and at times of heavy traffic. Watch for my blog on Monday evening and I'll let you know how I did!

I won't jinx anything by telling you what it is I'm going to look at, but suffice to say it is something I never gave a thought to. I realize that the only way I can even think about certain SUV's would require me to either pay way more than I want to, or to buy direct from a seller, which I don't want to do. If this particular vehicle works out for me it will accommodate me, my gear and luggage, and Lady. What more can I ask.

I think my future is calling for a big change and I'm going to jump right into it, just as I jumped into a totally different and unknown future when I bought my truck and 5th wheel. I can handle change. And if things don't work out this time, I still can drive my truck until I can do something else. Donald washed it for me and it looks gorgeous.

On this photo the tailgate looks smeary but in reality it isn't. I can't figure out what could have made it look that way in the picture, except for glare and reflection. It is as shiny as the rest of the truck.

The sun and glare don't allow me to take very good pictures this time of day, but the trees are reflected in the surface of the truck. What a beauty she is, and I hope she is appreciated by whoever ends up buying her.

Now, I have lots of packing to do, but I did want to mention something about Class B's. I've had several comments wondering why I haven't considered a Class B. Well, #1 is that they are expensive. And there is still the normal RV type problems, maintenance, etc. I guess if I could afford a new Pleasure Way or Roadtrek I might think about it, but really I don't want anything to do with Atwood, Dometic, Norcold, or the lot. I'll just stick to what I know and can do basic maintenance on - Coleman.


  1. There is something about no moving parts that is wonderful.

    Are you thinking about something like the mini-van we saw when we were at Poche's Fish-N-Camp last year? They had removed the seats from behind the front two. They had built up a bed platform with the camping gear stored under the platform. Was a pretty slick set-up. Not as pretty as the SwissRoomBox but same principle.

  2. Now you really have me curious! Looking forward to your Blog for Monday ☺

  3. Good Luck and I hope you are able to get the car/truck that you want. Don't worry about the traffic, take your time and you will be ok.

  4. Can't wait to hear what you bought this time!

  5. Nice to see the dog wagging the tail instead of the tail wagging the dog. Good for you in stepping up to the plate & taking charge of your life again. I am like you in that I enjoy change for the most part. Not so much in the computer tech stuff but in most everything else:)) I think downsizing from your big truck is definately a step in the right direction regardless of what you are buying. We all patiently await to see your new wheels:))

  6. Sounds like whatever you have decided to get, just might be perfect for you. If you like it, that is what counts. Can't wait to see what it is. :)