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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keeping track of 5GB limit

In response to a question from Sherry about how I track the 5GB limit, there is probably an easier way with Verizon Manager (the little icon on your taskbar) but it doesn't work for me, so here is what I do:

Go to Verizon.com and sign in. Then, I click on Account Overview. Since I have a cell phone as well as Verizon MiFi, I have two separate phone numbers. It ALWAYS comes up with the cell phone # so I have to click and change it to my MiFi #. Over on the right side of the screen are some choices, and I click "(I Want to) VIEW USAGE.

Scroll down until you see Domestic Data Used, and you should see a green meter just below that. It shows you graphically where you stand, and to the right of that is the actual usage. For example, I am showing that I've used 2578 out of 5120 MB this billing period, which ends for me on 2/21. It's the 10th and I have 11 days to go with about half my GB left. I know I won't be using anything for at least a couple days after my surgery, so I am doing ok this month.

If you check this every few days, or at least when you know you've used a lot of bandwidth (those little videos can really use it quickly), then you can moderate your usage accordingly. Verizon sent me an email today informing me that I had used 50% of my bandwidth, but I already knew that. I think if you get dangerously close they would probably let you know, but you can't count on it, so keeping tabs on it is the best thing.

I haven't done much today except battle a plumbing problem. The toilet stopped up and over-ran the bowl. This tank uses a LOT of water! So I cleaned that up, then scooped a couple of pans of water out of the tank so it would use less, and kept trying to flush whatever clog was there. I would like to bet I haven't caused the problem - no self-respecting RVer would use too much TP, and I'm very conservative.

I have also had a problem for a couple of weeks with tiny little gnat type bugs in the corner of the bathroom that has caused me all the problems ever since the upstairs leaking pipe. I don't know where they come from, but I've killed hundreds over the past couple of weeks. They eventually fly, and I try to get them before then. I reported it to the mgmt and even took over a paper towel showing quite a few of them. Their answer was to call an exterminator, but when they started talking "fumigation" I backed off. No way do I want to have to leave while the air in this place is being poisoned, especially this close to surgery. I'll just keep zapping!

I asked the manager today for a plunger so I could unclog the toilet myself, and he brought one over to me. I had the job done in about 20 seconds flat! They took the toilet up when they laid the new tile, and I wonder if something wasn't fitted correctly, or if there is possibly a broken line further along. In one month I've had a horrible leak from upstairs, flying insects, and now a clogged toilet, all within less than 9 sq ft.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning and sanitizing everything in sight, as well as spending some time in the hot shower. I will really miss that shower - the force of the blast is an incredible luxury, and I've never even gotten close to running out of hot water.

I hope tomorrow is a better day. I need to get away from this place for a while, but have hesitated to drive anywhere, and don't really feel like going out at any rate. I can see a big difference in my eyesight, and not for the better. My son and his family will be back from Monterey this weekend to move some more things from their house, and it will be nice to see my grandson again.

My dog has been so funny lately, on the afternoon walk. She used to do it only once in a while, but now it's every afternoon - she gets on her back, arches and twists every which way - four paws stretched to the four directions! It occurred to me today that she is emulating me doing my stretch routine, although I don't do it like that!


  1. Our doggie does that routine on her back also. I have come to believe it's a combination of stretching and back scratching. She only does it when she has one of her happy days with the tail wagging


  2. Hi,

    I have a MiFi and when I want to check my usage I just use the cord to attach it to my laptop instead of using it in WiFi mode. Then, your usage pops up on Verizon manager when you log in. I just get in the habit of using it tethered like this once or twice a week so I stay on top of my usage. Hope this helps.


  3. We are always kind of afraid to look at our useage. We will be lucky to hold it under 10 Gigs this month. We might switch from Verizon to Millenicom later in the year because they have a cheaper 20 Gig plan. Kelly has a work related cell phone & she uses Skype for personal calls. We do have another Canadian cell phone & plan but it is only used in case of emergencies. I never use a phone so I avoid all that hassle.

  4. Yup.. I keep track of mine the same way.. never want to go over because they say the cost is atrocious!

    Perhaps the bugs are from soggy part in the wall they DIDN'T fix? I am glad you are getting OUT of there.. you don't need the mold, leaks and bug problems!

    Once your surgery is done and things are looking good, we want you to hit the road and run run run far away ... having new adventures and fun times!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. I think your dog senses spring!

    That's the problem with rentals. You have to put up with management! I think the exterminator should be the management's responsibility!

  6. Wow, you certainly have had your share of stick-n-brick problems! Thanks for the info on the verizon card. Too cute about your stretching doggie!

  7. Good luck with bug problem. I would much rather have the bugs than the damp and mildew problem. You need to get a picture of lady doing her thing, and you doing yours, then we can compare... :)

  8. I call it "the happy wiggle". Our dog does it too.

  9. Look at this Gypsy.

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  11. Thanks Gypsy for the details on the 5GB limit checking.

    I was at the Richmond RV show yesterday and thought of you when I saw a couple of the Lance truck campers. So I went inside to check them out. What a GREAT use of space.