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Friday, February 18, 2011

Hungry Hummers Hurting!

I drove back home this morning and the welcoming committee buzzed me to remind me that the feeder was empty. So the first thing I did was to refill it, and there has been at least one hummingbird feeding whenever I look. There were two for a while who shared, but then it must have been the big daddy who came along and just his presence and body language caused the others to flee. Instead of quick sips they seem to be drinking long and deeply. I worry about what they will do when I leave, but I guess they will do whatever they did before I moved here.

In response to my question "When can I drive", the doctor said "Whenever you want to." I decided I wanted to this morning so I did. I loaded up the truck (making lots of little small trips) and drove the 5 miles home. I probably shouldn't have, but I'm stubborn and want to do things for myself. Now I think I will hang up the keys for at least a few days.

I still have blurry vision in my left eye, but am able to see a little more each time I check (by covering up the good eye). One thing that I am totally amazed at is the vibrant color - the intensity of color is simply fantastic, and unexpected.

I have been thinking a lot lately about folks who are organ donors, as well as blood donors. It is something you never quite appreciate until you are the recipient. In my case I think I am forever changed. The donor of my cornea (or the donor's family) made the decision to help a stranger if possible, without knowing the gender, nationality, cultural/ethnic group, religious views (or lack thereof) or race of that stranger. It is an act of unconditional love, and when you think about it, that is rarely found in people. Very few things are truly unconditional these days, and probably never were.

I also feel that the donor and I are bonded, physically and spiritually - it's a great feeling, sort of like I always have someone with me now. Someone that I will be eternally grateful to.


  1. I have made arrangements to donate my body to whoever needs it when I die. No point of it going in the ground or being cremated and not doing anyone any good.

  2. So glad to hear your eye is getting better. Take care, and take it slow.

  3. Glad you are feeling better and driving. I wondered how you got to your surgery?

  4. That is so thoughtful of you to remember, and thank the donor.
    It is a wonderful thing that donor's families do. So many on the waiting lists, and all those parts going to waste.

    It makes me very upset when recipients don't give their donor a second thought, and then still eat/drink the wrong things that required them to have a new organ in the first place.

    So glad that you were able to drive, and that your sight is improving daily.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  5. That is wonderful Gypsy....you have indeed been blessed. I hope your recovery continues to go well. I'll be thinking of you!

  6. So glad to hear your recovery is progressing just fine. My mother was a donor....its a very good thing. It is a special link. I remember getting a letter telling me that Mom's donation restored someone elses sight. I'm a donor as well.

    Enjoy your new vision!! Can you imagine how it will be once they do the other eye! FANTASTIC. I've recently had cataract surgery on my left eye and I'm amazed at the difference. Get my right eye done on March 10th. Amazing what they can do now. We are so blessed. Take care now...

  7. Glad you are doing better all the time. Being a donor is a great way t help others.

  8. Those are poignant comments about donors. It is a wonderful thing and I'm so glad that you were able to benefit from someone else's generosity. And glad to hear how well you seem to be doing.


  9. Oh so glad things are *looking good* for you!

    And yes, Steve and I are both organ donors on our licenses, plus all of our kids know our wishes too.. that is important that they are all on board if something happens, so things could be harvested without delay if need be.

    Misconstrued family members can muck up the process if not prepared ahead of time.
    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. So glad you are doing great! Organ donation is a fantastic thing. I've had it on my driver's license all my life. I just hope they can use something that's still working by the time I expire!