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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The best seafood

I don't often write about food (at least I don't think I do) mainly because I don't like to eat out. Yesterday on my way home from the hairdresser I stopped at Whole Foods to see if they had sole fillets. Well they did, but not the Dover sole I'm used to seeing there, usually very thin fillets. This was a sole caught in Canada, and is normally well over $17/pound. It was on sale, so I told the clerk I would like three filets - the fairly small ones. I was shocked when he weighed them and said they were just a little over a pound - it came to over $13, but I wanted it so I bought it!

Being thicker they are much easier to fry as they don't fall apart. I fixed two of the smaller ones for dinner last night, and had the big daddy tonight. They were divine - and absolutely no fishy small. I love how they are so quick and easy to cook. But I felt really bad that they were trawled - there is so much waste when a trawler hauls up the nets, and I usually boycott it. But I'll have to say this was some of the best fish I've ever eaten.

I bought some baby spinach leaves in the salad section, and just barely wilted them, and had a small baked potato loaded with cheddar, butter, salt & pepper. I'm a happy woman right now - the wonderful dinner plus a glass of Gewurzstraminer wine - was just what I needed.

Tomorrow I'm going to cook chicken tenderloin with some fresh green beans. I guess I should try eating beef since I'm iron deficient, but I really prefer chicken and fish. Plus the cost of beef is outrageous considering it isn't my favorite meat.

I scraped the leavings from the skillet and let Lady lick the plate clean. For so little in the plate, a few crispies, a few shreds of cheddar, and the juice from the spinach kept her working a long time. I could put the plate back without washing it, but I loaded it in the dishwasher anyway. She almost never gets to clean plates or eat leftovers, so she's in 7th heaven.

I think February is going to move pretty quickly up to the 15th, and I'll be glad about that. This weekend my son (Steve), d-i-l, and grandson will be moving to Monterey. I am saddened by the move, but happy for them. It will be a great opportunity job-wise, and they have a beautiful place to live. I brought the packet of info on the camper back with me when I visited Lance in the storage lot a few days ago. Who knows, I may have to load the damn thing myself! I'd better read up on it.


  1. The fish dinner sounds delicious (and I'm not much of a fish eater). How are you going to fix the chicken and beans? I used to love to cook, but I've been in quite a cooking slumnp for some time now. :(

  2. The sole sounds wonderful - one of my favorite fishes. But I've never had the thick variety you're talking about. I'll have to look for it.

    You're still on the fence about the Lance, I feel bad about that. I'm so sure what I want, but I haven't spent ANY time in one, so I won't know if I have the right one until I'm living in it. Kind of scary, but I can always make a change, too. :)

  3. I hope Steve's place has a wide driveway, with hook-ups, or am I wishing for too much?

  4. Well, I usually don't mention much about food in my blogs either but after reading your blog I just had to go & make myself an extra thick peanut butter & honey sandwich this morning & I might just up & have me another one this afternoon:))

  5. I love the Whole Foods Market, but it almost takes a full day to go to the one closest to us. BTW, woke up this morning to ice everywhere.

  6. Your spinach is full of iron. That should help a bit. Wish I didn't like beef as much as I do. It's by far my favorite but I do like chicken and fish and I'm working on having beef only three times a week.

  7. There is not a better meal than good fish prepared the you like it.

  8. Glad you are feeling more like blogging. I always look forward to your blogs. I don't care for fish, but do eat it sometimes. Everything else sounded great. Stay warm.