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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Making my lists

It's Sunday and I have been making lists of things I'm going to need. I think I will shop at Walmart tomorrow during the day when it shouldn't be crowded. It is amazing how many little things I am going to be needing, from small dishpan and drainer, to coffee maker & vacuum cleaner, and loads of things in between.

The reason I am cooling my heels waiting forthe check to clear is that I hadn't yet changed the address on record at my bank, so the cashier's check would be sent to my old one in NC, where it would be forwarded by the post office to South Dakota. I could have changed it to my son's address, but as the change takes place on the following day, I was running short of the time that I planned to drive to NJ. As it turned out I had an extra day due to the rainy weather on the original date set, but I was concerned about the timing. So I opted for writing a personal check and never dreamed it would take so long. It makes me wonder who has the money from the time it leaves my account to the time it will be added to Carolyn's account. If you think of how many checks clear a bank every day, we are talking more the a small sum of money. As I have always banked at a credit union and I think they only issue bank checks, I probably would have had the same wait for the bank check to clear. This may not have been a problem had I purchased from a dealer.

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