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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ready to sell the Jeep

I had my red '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd washed and detailed today, and it looks so beautiful that I hate to have to sell it. The leather upholstery looks like new, all carpets were shampood, everything cleaned and polished, and dog hair removed. On the outside it is a gorgeous shiny red, and even the tires look terrific.

We went to West Point again today, ate lunch and visited the PX, Commissary and Class 6 stores. I got a few items for the RV and my son surprised me with a vacuum cleaner he saw me obviously wanting to buy but didn't. He must have gone back for it when Sandy and I started walking over towards the Commissary with the baby. It is compact and will stow away easily, I think, and I should be able to use it on the carpet and the linoleum, so I won't need a broom. I have a push broom for outdoors that I can use to clean off the roof or slides. I can't wait to start putting things away in the RV next week.

The temperature was 17F this morning at 9 am when I took my car over to be cleaned and there was frost on the windshield. I have been reading that the entire east has been under a cold snap lately, so it looks like I may even be in the cold when I reach Asheville. My granddaughter reported they had snow in PA today, and she said it was beautiful. Knowing that she will be in much colder weather than I will, I gave her my treasured Aran sweater. It was handknit & sewn and made to keep a sailor warm in the cold icy waters around Ireland. It kept me warm when I lived in Ireland, and putting it on brings instant warmth, so I hope she gets much good out of it.

Speaking of my granddaughter, she told us that out of over 1500 students, she won a contest to design and paint a mural for the school. She isn't even an art major, so it is really an honor, but I have no doubt she is the best. Do I sound like a proud grandmother?

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