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Thursday, November 20, 2008

About a week to go.....

In about 8 days from tomorrow I will be picking up my Hitchhiker II in NJ. There has been some drama over the past couple of days regarding my learning to hitch/unhitch the 5ver, but a man from the Mid Atlantic Hitchhiker Club has offered to come to Burlington to show me. I am so relieved that I will get some expert advice from a person who has a similar rig. Also, the seller sent me a box that arrived in the mail today, containing the Hitchhiker User manuals, which she has very neatly organized and labeled, plus a large assortment of keys for RV and truck, and some miscellaneous items for the rig.

Add to these the GPS, Pressure Pro System, converter box for the TV, as well as many smaller incidental items, and I have enough to keep me busy for a month of Sundays! If I can just successfully get it hitched and drive it back to NY, I won't unhitch it until I arrive in Greencastle, PA where I will stop for my first night of my fulltiming lifestyle. I'll have the service that I want done there and will probably be at the CG for two nights, then continue south on I-81. I have a campground in mind for the next stop, as well as one a bit further along in case things go well and I arrive earlier than I am estimating. I really want to get to Asheville and begin to load up my belongings that I will take, including a set of sheets and a blanket that I will need. I don't want to buy additional bedding since I have plenty in storage, so between sleeping in my warmest clothes and wrapping up in a cotton bedspread provided by my d-i-l, I think I can stay warm enough. My cookware & dishes are also in storage, so I'll be eating out for the most part enroute to Asheville, but I bought a new coffee maker and will be able to make good coffee along the way.

I am filled with trepidation now, but I know I'll be fine once I have done the hooking up process a few times and driven a few miles along the road. Of course, the weather is always a worry this time of year, but I can just sit tight for as long as it takes.


  1. You can always go to Wal Mart and buy a sleeping bag for under 20 bucks....then you will always have it in case you have company or need extra cover---am looking forward to your great adventures!!
    Jenny J

  2. Good luck Gypsy. You will do just fine. You seem to have determination!
    Hope to meet up with you on the road some day.
    Safe travels....