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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Greetings from Pennsylvania

I'm typing this from the dorm at Juniata College in PA this evening. I decided to visit my granddaughter and am staying with her tonight & tomorrow night, and will return to NY on Thursday. She is at a 9 pm class, giving a presentation, so I am able to use her computer. My laptop won't connect to the internet for some reason. This afternoon Ara showed me around the campus and then we drove into town for a pizza, and she drove back to the college as I don't like to drive in unfamiliar territory in the dark.

Tomorrow we will visit the Walmart, first of all to try to find me a GPS. I've seen a couple of models that I liked at Costco but they were out of stock, so I will see what they have here. If I don't find anything I can always go to Best Buy, although I get so exasperated in that store that I swear I will never go back. On one of my last trips there I bought a telephone answering machine on sale for $6 and the salesman tried his best to sell me a $12 one-year warranty! I may just opt not to get a GPS anytime soon, as I'm sure I will be ok in the 5ver since I don't intend to drive through city streets, and that's usually the only place I have problems.

Speaking of the 5ver, there is still no word on the funds being deposited to the seller's account, although today is a Federal holiday so I wasn't expecting anything to happen until the end of the week. So her bank keeps the funds for half the month, and doesn't pay either of us interest on the money - very interesting. There oughtta be a law......


  1. You might find good prices for a GPS at Walmart.com. I got mine there with George Bush's stimulus money. But I warn you the GPS alone cannot be trusted. I use it along with Map Quest and a real map and find the GPS wrong a good bit of the time. I still enjoy the GPS anyway and it does have some good uses....Jsse

  2. I have had a few GPS's over the years and have found the Garmin ones to be the easiest to use. I really like them even on the highway as they kind of take the need to always be on top of the navigating out of the picture. Nice in heavy traffic or unfamilar territory. That said I always make myself familar with my route the night before. Here's hoping you get your 5er soon.