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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another weekend rolls around

Time is passing so quickly (except for my getting title to the 5th wheel and truck), and another weekend has arrived. On Friday we went to West Point to the PX and Commissary, and I must say that it is beautiful there in all seasons. Some of the trees are still in their fall colors, and driving through the rural areas of NY you see one postcard scene after another. We came back from the Point and then my middle son (recent bridegroom) who is on the East Coast attending business meetings and conferences, stopped by for a couple days' visit. He left this morning, but it was great to see him even briefly. He will be back for Thanksgiving and then the baby's baptism the weekend after, as he will be the godfather.

I'm thinking of going shopping again today although I don't want to get into a crowd of Christmas shoppers. I will try to get a few more things for the 5ver, although there isn't anything I can't do without starting off. I certainly won't be cooking until I retrieve my cookware & dishes from Asheville. I might forget how to cook in the interim!

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  1. We sure miss you in chat!! It's not the same without you. Any word on when you can get the rv? Is it still Dec?