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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shopping trip!

I went shopping at Walmart today, thinking I would buy some things for the RV, such as coffee maker, toaster oven, slow cooker, rice cooker, and the like. They must have had a busy day yesterday and hadn't re-stocked yet, because the only thing I could find was the coffee maker. It is exactly what I want - capable of brewing a good amount of coffee, but more compact in size than the one I have in storage. I also bought a permanent filter for it. There was a 3 qt slow cooker on display but none in a box; several brands of rice cookers on display but not the one I want. There were three boxes with the toaster oven I want, but they were all dented. I looked at GPS systems but don't know enough about them to select one; I couldn't even find radios - want a weather radio as well as a CB radio, but no luck. I might try Target next, and hopefully Costco. I have cut down my shopping and credit card use to nearly zero in the past year, so it actually hurts to even go near a store, and forking over money is worse. I just hope I can get back to frugal mode soon.

I've also been studying the Passport America directory for possible campgrounds on my way south. There is one that looks interesting, on the border between PA and MD, and they have a 13 bay service area, store, etc., so I could get the work done on the 5Ver as well. I will call them soon to get details on what they offer as well as to possibly make a reservation. I'm not sure I want to drive from Dutchess Co. NY all the way to the southern PA border in one day - the first day of my fulltime RVing life - but I may decide to try it. I will need to slow down to a snail's pace compared to how I usually drive on a trip - usually 550-700 miles a day, and I rarely exceed the speed limit!

And the best news of the day - I got two emails from Workamper News that my resume had been looked at by two different employers. WN doesn't tell you more than that, so you have to wait to be contacted by a potential employer, but at least I know my resume is being seen. Once I have a good idea of my schedule I will call the parks directly about a job - so far there are two in Northern CA that I am interested in from Jan/Feb for 2-3 months.

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  1. Looks like you're still waiting to get the 5er. You can get a CB at Radio Shack. I love mine and it was around $100.