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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lessons learned

I have been feeling so "down" for the past week. One reason is that I recently had another birthday, and that has always made me depressed, but once it's over with I normally snap back. This delay with the RV really has me getting close to angry though.

The lessons I have learned in the past few months: I am going to start putting myself first, and do what I need to do for myself. No one else does, and I'm always too nice to push for what I need. No more Mrs. Nice Guy!

The Garmin GPS situation has gotten a little better. I went to Walmart today and decided that I'm not going there any more. What a wasted trip. They carry the exact toaster oven I want but the shelf is always empty of stock. I was walking behind the paint department and found numerous boxes of them on the top shelf (unreachable, of course) along with other boxed small appliances that belonged in another part of the store. Also back near Paint, I saw a man who somehow found a ladder, climbed it and was getting something he wanted off the top shelf. If the ladder had been closer to what I needed I would have waited until he was through with it, but it was too big to drag through the store. Naturally there was no store employee to be found.

Then I asked for and got absolutely no help from staff regarding something to charge the GPS with (other than charging it in the car). Yesterday at Target I was told that the Motorola cell phone uses the same charger as the Garmin GPS, so the lightbulb went on when I was coming home. Sure enough, when I plugged my Verizon phone charger into the back of the Garmin, and into an outlet, the GPS screen lit up and the unit is getting charged at this minute. DUH!

So while I will use Walmart if I absolutely must, I don't plan to shop there from now on. Most of the Walmarts I have been in are about the same in my experience, but then so are most of the other discount stores. I think I am just not into shopping at all, so I'm never going to look forward to going into any store other than a Costco (my fave) or an organic food supermarket.

I also went to A&P to get a few cleaning supplies for the RV, and waiting at the checkout I dropped the case with my glasses. When I let go of the cart to retrieve the case, the cart rolled forward and hit the gentleman in front of me! I grabbed the cart and while I was apologizing to him I dropped the case again, this time in a different direction. A woman picked it up and handed it to me, but didn't let go of it right away - she asked "do you have it ok?" I wanted to stand there and cry, but at my newly advanced age I'm too big to cry, I guess.

And the seller of the RV is starting to piss me off.


  1. Hang in there. It's the season and everyone is cranky. You'll be on the road soon. Sure good to see you in chat, we miss you. Thanks for keeping the blog up to date.

  2. oh, Gypsy... this is hilarious... I just have to comment ... your last paragraph had me on the floor!

    I've forgotten what you posted but it made me want to go back to your first post and I'm hooked!

    I was wondering when you lived in Asheville ... and began RVing... what an ordeal you went through!