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Sunday, February 27, 2022

The End of a Blog

I just want to say that I am going to discontinue this blog.  It originally began as a way to document my travels, but I haven't traveled for several years now.  It has mainly become a way for me to document my days, and to continue the habit of writing something about my day on a regular basis.  

I think it's time to change the title and focus of the blog as it seems to have been attracting a few readers expecting to read about travel, or whatever, and they are disappointed in what they read.

I will try to think of a general focus for a new daily recount of my thoughts and activities and will publish something soon in that regard.   I'll also have to figure out a new title. 

I hope to keep in contact with friends I've made over the years, who also initially wrote about traveling, but who are no longer on the road.  I want to stress that I will write about my days, what I think of certain events, etc.  I am not writing to attract new readers, nor am I interested in criticism of my efforts, whether constructive (is there such a thing?) or non-constructive  criticism.  I have read many blogs in years past that held no interest to me, or which I found to be irritating in some way.  I simply did not read that particular blog again, but I certainly didn't write nasty and critical emails to the author.  That is beyond decent adult behavior, and I want no part of it.

So, if you have had any problems or criticisms of my previous efforts at blogging, please simply take me off your reading list!

To those wonderful people I've been blessed to come in contact via the blog world, I hope to continue our association.  Helpful hints and suggestions will be welcome, but I never did believe there is any kind of "constructive criticism". 

To me the blog has become a sort of "daily diary" and a way to record my thoughts and activities.  It also satisfies the urge I have to write about the thoughts and activities.  So I won't expect many folks to keep reading my posts, and I urge those folks to find other blogs to their liking.



  1. I am glad to hear you will still be blogging. I never personally met you but to me you feel like a friend. I’d hate to lose you 😁 today’s subject line scared me 😀

  2. I'm glad you will still document your days! I'm a full-time RVer, and we are in our ninth year. I don't want to hang up the keys ever. But when we do we will still have a worthwhile life, as you do.

  3. You know I'll be following along. So glad you'll still be telling us about your days and thoughts and Rocky. My days of travel are also over. So not sure what's happening with my blog.

  4. I'm glad you will keep blogging especially because you enjoy writing. I have considered ending my blog. But then I change my mind. I thought of changing the name but I don't know what I would call it.

  5. Let us know the new blog name so we can keep following you and Rocky.

  6. I'll keep reading as long as you're writing. I've followed you from the shadows for years, I fid no reason to change.

  7. I have always read your blog! Please keep writing and let us be a part of your life and dreams! Kathy-"It's about time!

  8. I too have never met you but have read your blog for years. Glad you are going to continue!( but with different focus.


  9. Gypsy - You better keep writing -- we all want to see photos of your new home, your beautiful black Lab, your new garden, and read about your new life..... so please don't go away! Lynn (now in Buffalo NY)

  10. When I read the title, I was afraid you might be giving up your blog altogether, glad that is not the case.

    I enjoy reading your blog and have for many years. Please let us know when you start your new one.

  11. I want to see the patio furniture & the flowers in Mexican pots & Rocky of course.

    1. I'm waiting on the patio furniture myself! My son (Steve) is going to buy a patio set for me, but things aren't shipping lately so I don't know how long I'll have to wait.