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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Move is Drawing Near!

Jeannie & Donald went to the new house yesterday to tour all of it and make sure everything was the way they want it.  The builder, Lennar, seems to be very attentive to the home buyer and wants to ensure complete satisfaction.  I've been impressed with them from the beginning.  I believe that most of the items we have here in our temporary quarters, plus everything in storage, will be picked up this weekend and moved to our new house.  I'm not clear about the logistics, but I think that is what will happen.  I don't have much here in my room, and most of it is in several boxes that will be easy to move.  Of course, it will be all the little stuff that isn't packed that will give me the most trouble.


  1. Sounds like everything is coming together nicely. I'll be glad when you're settled.

  2. At least I won't have to keep a lot of my things in boxes! I'll probably have to go through everything and get rid of most of it though. Not something I want to do!

    To tell the truth, I should have never agreed to move in with any of my kids. I love them dearly, but I've been independent since the the day I was born and it really frosts me that I no longer have much independence at all.