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Monday, February 7, 2022

Friday is the day!

I'm writing this on Sunday, so I have about 4 days to go until we move.  I've packed several boxes and the rest should be fairly easy.   I have a lot of potted plants and they could be a problem to move, but I'll just have to move them carefully.  I have two plants that are in dire need of being divided, but I think I'll wait until I'm moved into my new place where it will be a lot easier to do.

I need to shop for my patio furniture.  I will probably buy it at Home Depot as I have seen what I want online.  I will wait and try to view it in the store before deciding for sure on a set.

The patio is off the bedroom and isn't a large one, but Donald is planning to extend both our patios out several feet.  I want to keep my furniture under the original covered patio, and maybe set my plants out on the extension.   I'm going to love having my morning coffee out on the patio! 

I have been waffling about the move for the past two days  - I'm anxious to move-I don't want to move!  I know I will love it, but I'm so weary of moving and just hate the thought of doing it again.  I've already gotten rid of a lot of my possessions, so it may be a bit easier.  Also, there are several boxes I never bothered to unpack when we moved here temporarily.

My son, Steve, assures me that it will all go well and he will take care of me.  So that relieves me a bit.  A good woman can plan and pack for a move; a good man can accomplish the move!  I'm speaking in generalities, but for the most part I think our genes have a lot to do with what we are good at.  I can remember my late ex-husband and how I could totally outdo him in something like planning for a move, but he completely outdid me in carrying out the plan for the move!  The reverse can be true, but working together can accomplish so much.

I am starting to get a bit excited about it, and I don't recall that I've ever moved into a brand new space.


  1. Yay! I'm excited for you. How wonderful to have a brand new home. Before you know it you'll be there and wondering what all the worry was about. Great kids you have.

  2. Everything will go just fine. They are very caring people and love you very much and I am sure they will take care of you just fine. You are a very lucky elderly person to have them. Many elderly people don't have someone who cares about them like they do. You enjoy your new place and smile all will go just fine! Sending you some hugs to make you feel better. Kathy Rousseau It's about time.