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Thursday, February 24, 2022

As IF I needed a little more pain!

I was so shot up with novocaine (or whatever they use these days) that I didn't feel much pain.  I got dental work done, and it was the serious kind that takes a long time.  I'm worn out from it all, but I'm hoping I will start to feel better - needing dental work can really cause all sorts of pain that you might not associate with teeth.  I had thought the dentist would just pull the tooth, but he must have thought it was worth saving.    (It was a molar and I'm sure I'll be glad to still have it.)  And now I'm worn out completely!

So the dental work, along with my injured hand, has me pretty "down".  The hand is by far the worst although it's looking better. 

It was actually nice getting out in the car and seeing all the signs of life around me!  Donald took me and waited all that time!  We all go to the same dentist, who is absolutely superb!  

I'm going to enjoy  a scotch & water this evening.  I make them pretty weak, and in a big water glass with mostly water and ice, as  I just enjoy the hint of the flavor of scotch.  The younger Marty in her 20's and 30's wouldn't know me now! 


  1. I'm with you on the weak Scotch and water. I often ordered a shot of Scotch and a glass of water, so I could dilute it to taste. Of course that was years ago. Don't even think of senior living. You'd never be happy there. It's like living in a motel: nothing is yours. Stay where you are, and let friends help when they offer. Glad you had the dental work done and saved the tooth. Phil

    1. I have beautiful quarters here but I should have realized how difficult it would be to live this close to my daughter.

  2. Perspectve: I remember reading a post by a blogger a few years ago. Her friend had moved to an assisted living place. When she went to visit the friend, she could barely escape; there were so many "seniors" there longing for visits from anyone! Gypsy, I wonder how many people are in that situation right now? Don't you know they would envy you? From their perspective, you are in Heaven! No matter where you live, there will be some negatives. At least you are surrounded by people who love you instead of strangers who would, I'm sure, love to share their problems with you! Look around, Count your blessings.