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Saturday, February 26, 2022

My best friend, Rocky!

Rocky had a session with the groomers yesterday, and he is absolutely gorgeous right now.  Of course his lab personality is always gorgeous, but now his beautiful black coat is so clean and shining!  There's nothing like a clean dog, especially when they share your bed!  

Right now he's off running somewhere in Jeannie's part of the house, while her pup, "Tito", is sitting here beside me gnawing on a bone.  Tito is a small dog with a very pronounced and dominant personality.  Sometimes he takes advantage of Rocky, but I try to not interfere as I will never understand doggie etiquette or dominance.  Of course there are times I get tired of Rocky's easy going nature being used against him, so I take care to see that he gets what he wants/needs.  Those two dogs probably have a pact together to take advantage of my human motherly tendencies!

My left hand is still hurting badly, but I'm determined to try to do what I can to use it.  Typing is not easy but I think I'm doing a fairly good job of it!   Much of the swelling has gone down, but much of the pain still remains.  I don't think it will ever be "normal" again.

I'm going to take a few photos of my little "apartment", but I will have to straighten things up a bit so it doesn't look messy.  Right now I'm only doing what is absolutely necessary while I still have so much pain.  I will try to post some photos during the next week.



  1. Use a small dishpan with hot water & Epson salts to soak your hand for at least 15 minutes several times a day & especially before bed. It is a very healing therapy. Please try it & I believe you will feel so much better. 😊

    1. Thank you, I will get some epsom salts and try it today.

    2. Thanks again - it worked verry well, and I'm going to do it a couple of times a day until my hand heals.