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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Best Time of Day

In Sacramento during the summer, the best would be mornings, up until about Noon.  I went out at around 7AM and watered my remaining tomato plants.  This has certainly not been a good year for much of anything I've done.  Next year I think I might find a teen-ager who would like to make some money to help me get the garden ready for planting.  And I will try to grow a few plants rather than a lot.

I recently ordered some things for Rocky, including a halter type device for walking him.  Jeannie reports that it works very well and that he doesn't pull against it.  I also got a box of rope toys, and within a very short time, he had completely chewed one of them to pieces.

Rocky has an appointment this Sat. for complete grooming including a nail trim.  I hope I can sedate him enough to be a good boy about the trim.  If he does well, then I will set up some follow-up appointments for further trimming.  I'm keeping my fingers and eyes crossed!

I've been attempting to do an attitude adjustment and welcome any suggestions and stories of what works for you.  For some reason I could "see" this entire scenario back in early Feb. although no one could have predicted the total failure of the US government at top levels to head off a complete screw up.  So my hopes to cheer up and be positive have been dashed into the ground.
On a happier note, I have about 3 more weeks to go with my cast.  The cast actually goes up to and above my  elbow, but the doctor is planning to trim it to below the elbow which should give me a lot more comfort and flexibility.  I have three more pain pills left and will just take one each morning until they are gone.  I hope I never need another pain pill!  By the way, the bright red cast still looks as beautiful as ever,  I am so glad I had a choice of colors, and my eyes went instantly to my favorite color.

Have a good day!


  1. Glad to hear they will be trimming your cast I am sure your range of movement will improve.

    We all saw it coming but like you mention not to this degree of incompetence by the current administration. For all practical purposes this "wartime president" has waved the white flag on the pandemic and moved on to support more worthy causes like Confederate statues of dead traitors and losers and stoking racial unrest.

    1. Yours is an absolutely perfect description of what we are contending with. I just don;t understand why Congress won't throw him out now. He will do whatever he can between now and January to destroy what's left of our democracy,

    2. The Senate had their opportunity to get rid of him but for some reason chose not to impeach him and now we all have to live with the consequences.

      All we can do is VOTE THEM OUT and show up at the polls in large numbers. Though I do not put it past him to postpone the election and use the pandemic he is allowing to grow worse every day as an excuse.

    3. He will try a number of preposterous stunts to postpone the election. He is destroying the republican party and I don't know why they are willing to go down with that sinking ship.

      I don't know if you have heard of the Lincoln Project, but it is growing every day. Republicans who reject trump and publicly say why in a 1 or 2 minute video. But I still wonder why it took them so long.

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