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Wednesday, April 29, 2020


I mentioned pets and the virus in yesterday's blog, and last night I read of the first known case of a dog contracting coronavirus.  That is so heartbreaking, and doubly so because pets - dogs at least - know nothing about social distancing nor are they interested in it.

I've heard a lot lately about people rebelling against being confined and quarantined in their homes, or at least maintaining the prescribed distance from others.  I am pretty sick of not being able to go anywhere, but I will stay home  for as long as it takes!   I sure hope we get a break sometime during the summer -  just a few weeks would be so nice.  When you think of the size of the U.S., however, it is unlikely that there will be a period of no cases at all in any of the 50 states at the same time.  Thankfully we don't have the constant travel now, so the spread will eventually slow down.

I have some photos of Rocky in the pool.  He likes to stay on the steps, and I don't know if he ever actually swims.

 If I remember correctly, one year ago today was my first full day in my new place.  That year has gone by so quickly, and the next year will probably fly past at an even faster pace.  I hope the coming year is uneventful.

Today has been such a beautiful day - not hot like yesterday, a slight breeze blowing, and just a good overall uneventful day!  Here's to many more like it!


  1. Isn't it the truth! They whine about quarantine and isolating, wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance; let them catch coronavirus and they will demand medical care.

    I've always loved labrador retrievers, and the black lab is my particular favorite. They are all gorgeous and have such great personalities though. They also are driven by treats and can tend to gain weight with an owner like me. Rocky is so darn cute I am putty in his hands and give him way too many treats!

  2. I hope we do get a reprieve but at least in Texas with its high temperatures that are supposed to kill or prevent faster spread it turns out that Dallas had more than 100 new cases today.

    Then with the second wave coming in the Fall, it is going to be a long time before this virus is licked until they come up with a vaccine.

    Very nice pictures of Rocky.

    1. In the case of this virus, an ounce of prevention would have been worth more than a pound of cure! I could see it hitting the US with devastating blow back in January - anyone could if you watched the progression of covid from China and into Europe and our west coast (Washington & Oregon). No one in govt. seemed to care, and the pres. was entirely clueless.

  3. Let the idiots do the suffering but unfortunately the rest of us will be put at risk again.
    Since Rocky likes to play fetch the ball start with that next to the pool. Then the next time make the ball go in the deeper end. He'll surprise himself and never think twice about swimming.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the comfortable weather.

    It's about time.

  4. I will ask my granddaughters to play fetch with him in the pool. It sounds like a great idea. Rocky goes to their house for a "play date" now and then, and they play basketball with him, and now that the weather is warm, they go into the pool. He sleeps for almost the entire day after he's been there!

  5. Love the pictures of Rocky in the pool. I think uneventful days are perhaps the best we can hope for at this point.

    1. Rocky is a beautiful dog but difficult to photograph because of his total black color. I agree that the most boring days are probably the best for us.