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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

I need the fan today!

This has happened in a hurry as a couple of weeks ago I was running a small heater when I sat down to rest.  I put the heater away just now and turned on my floor fan.  It feels good!

I went outside to water my tomato plants and check to see if anything is sprouting where I planted seeds, and it was just too warm to stay out.  

Jeannie came over late yesterday and we sat out on the deck in the cool evening air.  It was so nice to have company and I miss seeing her more often.  I wonder if we will ever get back to normal, or at least the "new normal".  I miss my kids dropping by now and then, and haven't seen Joe & Erica's "new" baby since the morning they brought him home from the hospital.  I've been digging through some of my old photos - Joren looks so much like Joe as a baby, as well as my grandson in NY, Justin (Mike's son).  I start to thinking about how I can organize and identify all the photos, as well as how to display them.  To put them all in photo books would be impossible.  I'm starting to give my kids their 1st photos (taken in the hospital shortly after their birth.  I thought their children might like seeing them, and comparing them with their own photos at birth.  I can't find Mike's!

Rocky and I went for a walk this morning and he's napping on the couch - his favorite place after a walk!  I notice he's overweight because I give him too many treats.  He has his own cabinet in the kitchen with various bags of treats, and he goes right to it whenever I bring him back from a walk, or when I tell him he's such a good boy!  That dog plays me like violin!

As I mentioned yesterday, my stimulus payment was deposited into my bank account and I wrote my congressional reps to thank them, although I don't know if they had anything to do with it.  I am grateful for the money, but in the back of my mind is a nagging worry:  "What is the current national debt".  I remember when that used to be tracked and publicized quite often, but I don't think I've heard anything about it for the past 3-1/2 years.  It must be staggering by now, and you know it will never be brought down by any sort of frugality measures.  What a thing to leave to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

On my walks with Rocky I keep wanting to stop and gaze at the most beautiful sky.  If this is what a lack of pollution can do, then I truly think there should be an effort made to permanently do away with a big percentage of air pollution.  It costs too much to fix it?  Just add it to the national debt! 

Have a good day and enjoy the rest of the week!



  1. It's nice that your daughter comes to visit.And that your walking Rocky again.

    Somewhere they posted a picture of polution form just before this crap started and the air was brown, a few weeks it was not so bad and in the last picture it was unbievably clear.

    1. I can see a big difference in the blue skies. It's a blue I haven't seen for a long time.

  2. It's amazing how much our environment has gotten better with all this staying at home. Really envy you being close to family and able to see your daughter. I wonder if I'll ever get a check from the IRS. I tried to file my 2019 taxes on line and they won't accept them. Say the AGI I copied off of my 1040 isn't right which means since I sent them in last year rather than efile, someone must have entered the number wrong and of course there is nobody to talk to. Last year I had to pay A LOT and this year I'm supposed to get a small refund that I suspect I may never see along with the "stimulus". yes I'm grumbling - sorry to take up space. Envying you in lots of ways.

    1. You may end up needing an accountant to look into it for you. And I'd definitely suggest having an accountant prepare next year's tax returns for you, and they can also check the past couple years to see you haven't been taken advantage of. I am so fortunate to have my daughter do my taxes, which are really simple to begin with.

      Grumble all you like. This is a perfect way to be able to let off steam, and I'm sure none of us minds and is glad to use the opportunity ourselves when needed.

      I also want to say I think you are doing a super job holding yourself together and not staying at home alone and feeling sorry for yourself. But also I hope you take it easy on yourself because you have been through a very traumatic experience. You have done well so far, and will continue to learn to be alone, although it is never easy. I'm alone after divorce, and ultimately the death of my 1st husband who was the father of my 4 kids. So keep on "keeping on", living life and laughing at your mistakes. It's a rough world out there sometimes, but you are a strong enough person to make it. And when the time comes that you no longer want to be a solo traveler, then make the change knowing you have been able to do it well.