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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

A sweet distraction!

When events seem overwhelming and the news of the coronavirus, China, Russia, and our current U.S. political scene cause heartburn, there is a short daily youtube video that can make you laugh.  

A guy who I think is from New York state has a farm where he raises just about all kinds of birds:  chickens, roosters, guinea hens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.  He has named them all, and I would surmise he has at least 30-50 birds.  The names crack me up:  Jimmy is a turkey who definitely has a thing for the chicken hens and is always doing something funny; the names are often clever and comical:  Slate, (a gray bird), BirdieSanders, Scarlet, Pablo, Sonny & Cher etc.  He usually films first thing in the morning as he scatters feed for all of them, and he calls them by name.  After watching numerous videos I'm beginning to associate some of the names with the individual birds.

I haven't yet figured out if he just raises such a variety because he likes birds - I don't think anyone could eat a bird with a name, but I could be wrong.  After watching a lot of the videos I have become aware of individual bird personalities, and it is really an interesting 6 to 8 minutes of barnyard viewing to start the day.  Much better than the political crap you see and hear all day long.


It is such a great way to relax, laugh, and forget all the ills of the world, and I invite you to watch a couple of the videos.


  1. It is fun to watch things that don't have anything to do with Current Events. Just saw this one from another Blog. This will also have you laughing uncontrollable.


    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You are right. I can't believe what he did to a loaf of bread! I'm watching another of his videos now.

  3. I'll check them out after I finish reading blogs. Thanks for the links

    1. I think you will enjoy them. At least they are non-political, which is a relief.