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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Where does the time go?

This morning I was wondering if it was Sunday.  I looked on my computer and found out it was Tuesday!

Jeannie came and got Rocky late yesterday afternoon and took him to her house to play with the girls.   Then she came back here and we enjoyed sharing a bottle of wine and good conversation.  Before the wine, she walked on my treadmill.  I hope she comes by every day to walk on it, especially since she is so careful to not go anywhere these days.  I'm glad she feels safe to come here and it certainly helps me to weather the loneliness of this isolation.

Speaking of the treadmill, I have been pretty faithful about using it every day,  or maybe 6 days a week.  You may recall that I recently had to buy new jeans and capris in a size larger, but since the weather became so warm I got out my summer shorts and tried a pair on - they fit!    Could it be the walking over the last 6 weeks or so has trimmed my waistline a bit?  I sure hope so and I'd rather not have to buy new summer clothes.

I have been working a bit in the garden when the sun passes over the house in the afternoon, and I've noticed many flowers on the tomato plants, plus a few tiny little tomatoes growing!  I am really looking forward to trying some new varieties that I planted, but mainly I'm anticipating the Roma and Cherry tomatoes.  I'll leave the beefsteak tomatoes to those who might like them on hamburgers, etc.  I also have a variety called Brandywine Pink, as well as one called Venus.

I finally planted some marigold seeds along the side of the planter bed, and hope they do the job of keeping unwanted insects away as they did last year.  I saved the seeds from last year's marigolds, which probably run into the hundreds of thousands!  Well, maybe almost that many.  I would like to save some of the seeds from the tomatoes this year, but am not sure how to get them, except I guess you have to take them right from the tomato.  It won't be easy and they are encased in a sort of gel that would have to be washed away to get to the seed.  Oh well, I'll worry about that in the fall.

I would like to hear how some of you are staying mentally fit during these tough times.  Living alone, it's so easy to fall into a rut and very easy to get lazy.  I guess I'm sort of in a rut and definitely lazy.  

I'm trying my best to not have to turn on the a/c, but at 12:30 it is already getting hot.  I hate to be cooped up indoors with all the windows shut and would rather suffer a bit of discomfort, but not too much discomfort!

I've just read that the CDC has announced that social distancing recommendations apply to pets as well.  I've missed the dog park from my old place, but it's just as well there are none close enough for me to walk.


  1. My art studies keep my mind well occupied with learning. My 5-6 times a week long desert walks keep my body doing well. Living alone gives me unlimited avenues for keeping busy with whatever pops up in front of me. As my blog motto says "Don't wait. Do it now."

    1. I've never been in a situation where I didn't have almost unlimited choice of things to do. Age plus a lot of other things including deteriorating eyesight have really slowed my life down.

  2. He is so beautiful. And looks like a happy puppy. I told Jim today was Saturday and he looked at me like I was crazy. Finally figured out it was Tuesday. I try to hold off on the a/c until noon but these over 100 days are rough.

    I've been doing a lot of reading and word find puzzles. But mostly I'm veggetating (sp?) And not much else. Trying to remain sane.

    1. That is wild that we both thought it was Saturday. It must be due to the fact that we are staying in most of the time, and one day just runs into the next without much difference.

      I can't read very well with the macular degeneration, and I have some expert crossword puzzle books that I love, but it isn't easy to do puzzles with a magnifying glass.

      I can't get up the energy to do even small tasks, but I guess I can blame it on the isolation!

  3. I always find something to do. I have lived alone for a long time and wouldn't have it any other way ever again. I even started to chocheting again and it's coming along quite well. Today I washed A window LOL they all need it so maybe before we hit 100 I will do the others or at least a couple more.

    I'm sure happy I had the cooler installed so I don't have to run the a/c it's working out pretty good so far.

  4. I hate that you can't go back and fix things on blogger I meant crocheting

    1. I've noticed that a lot of my windows need washing, so maybe I'll get to it one of these days. I really liked the "swamp cooler" I had in my mobile home, and it was a lot cheaper to run than a/c.