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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Welcome rain!

It is supposed to rain today and tomorrow with temps in the 50's.  I'm glad my tomatoes are in the ground, and I doubt if I will re-space them.  I just hope they don't crush each other fighting for the same space as they grow.  I wish I had someone around who could help me with trellising them, but that isn't going to happen, especially now with the quarantine in effect.

 After the rain it will be clear and in the 70's for a while - my favorite Sacramento weather.

Jeannie and I are combining our orders for Costco as well as Raley's grocery, which will be a lot easier for both stores to manage with limited personnel.  Almost everything takes longer than usual to be delivered these days, except the vacuum cleaner I ordered was delivered the next day (Best Buy).  It doesn't look complicated but I would prefer to have someone help me put the parts together and hook it up. 

Poor Rocky just doesn't understand why we don't go for walks these days.  I try to play with him in the back yard more often, and my arm is sore from throwing a ball.  I've attempted to get him to step up on the treadmill - I think he wants to but is afraid.  I am glad to take a day off from any kind of exercise.  I enjoy it though - helps me keep my sanity.

I've been thinking about how I could organize all my years of photographs so that they could be looked at easily.  It would take way too many albums, and no, I don't want to copy them to my computer.  I never look at all the photographs I have on my computer as it is.  I like to hold the picture in my hand.

Not much happening - not much to write about!
Until next time, stay safe!


  1. I have mentioned before about an item called (nicknamed) a Chucker. It throws a tennis sized ball quite a distance with the flick of your wrist. It will save your arm and give Rocky a better workout.
    AS for the Trellis just add some tall Stakes then run strings between the stakes. As the plants grow you simply tie them to the cross strings.
    Be Safe Isolating and Enjoy.

    It's about time.

  2. I have a chucker but sometimes I try to throw the ball from it but the ball is still snug inside the device. It turned out to be more problem for me than an easy solution. I've seen people use them and they work beautifully, but never for me.

    I will be happy to try stakes and strings as a trellis. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Enjoy the rain and cool temperatures but then again Sacramento may be warm during the day but your nights even in the summer are very pleasant.

    What a good idea to combine your shopping orders with Jeannie's.

  4. I believe one of your boys put up the fence around the garden? If they did there should be steaks holding it up. I know I mentioned it before to run cord or string from one end to the other when your peas were out of control If they line up right you can use them to do the same for the tomatoes. Good luck with that garden and I'm sure the plants loved the rain.

    1. I just hope none of the tomato plants got washed away by the rain! I think the rainwater will be good for the garden though.