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Monday, October 28, 2019

The verdict on lentils

I looked over many recipes for cooking lentils and finally found some suggestions that appealed to me.  I don't eat spicy foods these days if I can avoid them, so that whittled down the list.  What I did was take the ingredients from several different recipes and made my own concoction, to my own taste.  I'll have to say that I think lentils are tasteless in themselves, but with other ingredients and spices, I ended up with a pretty tasty lentil soup.  I think I will buy more lentils to have on hand while they are relatively inexpensive, and from what I've read about them, they are nutritious.  I used red lentils, but will probably buy some green ones to compare.  Thanks to everyone who responded with suggestions, recipes, etc.  I probably included a little bit from each suggestion and it turned out well for me.

Thank goodness the winds have died down here.   If they caused much damage in the Sacramento area, I haven't heard about it.  The winds came in gusts that looked and sounded pretty ominous.  At one point Rocky wanted to go out, and a bit later I saw him sitting on the backyard slope, his floppy ears blowing up and down in the wind.

I think I'm going to have another bowl of my lentil soup!  The lentils are not mushy, though I thought they would be.  Wonder if freezing them will cause them to get mushy when thawing for later use.

Now I'm too full and need a rest before continuing on with the little jobs I've been doing this morning.  I wish everyone a good week ahead, and hope you all stay safe from the disasters that seem to be in all parts of the country.  My heart goes out to all the California residents threatened by the fires, as well as to the brave men and women who are fighting them.


  1. Lentils are like split peas you just have to cook them until they are mushy. If I'm in a hurry for the mushy stage I have been know to pull out the potato masher and give the pot a once-over. But I've gotten to the point, I like a bean to hold it's shape these days.

  2. I feel the same way about a bean holding its shape. Mushy would not appeal to me at all; I like my vegetables al dente (I think that means one tiny stage past crunchy?).

  3. Glad you liked the lentil's made into a soup. They are so healthy.

    We are having some crazy wind here to and there are a couple fires burning in the mountain rages. May the Fire Fighters stay safe. I heard 2 have been injured in Cal. one pretty bad.

    1. I am really suprised at how well I like the lentils. I didn't cook them until they were mushy and I think that helps.

      The winds in Sacramento have calmed down, but I'm not sure what they are like in the disaster areas. This is so sad to see all the beautiful areas of this state being burned. There is something special about firefighters, and I appreciate the risks they take.