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Saturday, October 12, 2019

All is Quiet Now.

Ara left for home this afternoon, and Jeannie invited me over this morning for coffee and a last visit with Ara for now.  Rocky went with me and is always happy to see them.  He loves being around people, and sometimes I get annoyed with him but he's just showing his lab boistrous and loving nature.

Now I am back home and it has been so quiet this afternoon.  Rocky has snoozed most of the time, but I would like to go to sleep early tonight so I didn't want to nap. 

I went out into the back yard with Rocky a few minutes ago but didn't stay long because there is smoke in the air.  I'm sure there are fires in this part of California, and while the air isn't too bad it's still sort of smoky.

My garden is looking terrific - lots of seedlings popping up, but I need to start thinning them.  I'll do that sometime in the coming week.  I think I mentioned that while spreading a lot of the seeds I was feeling a little down and despondent, so I just sprinkled seeds without keeping a record of what was where.  I really didn't believe anything would come up.  Now I will be surprised to see what is growing.  The only seedlings I am sure of are the peas.   Fresh peas sound good to me right now.  I think I can spot carrots coming up also, but  not entirely sure yet.  I planted lots of either kale or spinach - didn't record which.  That will be a lesson to me to keep records, and I hope I get some nice vegetables before Christmas.

My house looks and smells so nice after the cleaning yesterday.  I will have them do it again the day before my brother and his wife arrive in November.  The cleaners took a really long time but were very thorough.  I think they are trying to get their business moving, and probably are fairly new to this.  I'm a good one to learn and to practice on because I usually have a lot of patience for something like this and don't mind giving someone a chance.  I'm sure they will get faster as the business grows.    Now, what I need to do is to empty out my refrigerator and clean it thoroughly!  It is a side-by-side model which I think doesn't holds as much, although it might just be my perception of how much space there is. 

I went back to my old hairdresser yesterday and once again got a beautiful haircut.  I had decided to find someone closer when I moved since I don't drive anymore, but now she has moved to a location closer to where I live now, and I was desperate for a good haircut.  I couldn't be happier.  My hair grows really fast, so I need a trim more often than I used to get by with.  I take the supplements Lysine as well as Biotin to keep my hair and nails in good condition.  The nails grow faster as well, and with my fading eyesight I don't trim and shape them as well as I used to.   Nothing works perfectly as one gets older!

Another Sunday is rolling around and a new week beginning tomorrow.  Have a good one.


  1. You will be enjoying eating out of your garden. Hope everything ripens to perfection.

    1. Thanks, I sure hope Mother Nature cooperates.

  2. There is a huge fire in CA. lots of lost homes and evacuations.

    I bet you will have a great surprise garden soon.

  3. It will be fun trying to ID the plants that come up.

    In the spring of 2018 there were so many fires and so much smoke in the air all over CA, so I went to AZ to get Rocky.