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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Rip Van Winkle

I think I might have a slight idea of what Rip must have felt like, waking up after a 100-year sleep!  I just watched a Youtube video featuring two old guys - grey beards and all - talking about a device which might have been welcomed by airmen in the Vietnam War.

Wait a minute, I remember very well the time of that war, as I was in the age group of those who fought in it.  So back to the YouTube video, he is holding up this piece of survival equipment for airmen .    This old guy with the gray beard mentioned that his father served in the Vietnam War and would have appreciated having this equipment!  So I guess this indicates that I could have a son who looks ancient with a long gray beard.  Thankfully none of my 3 sons have beards, because they would probably have a little or a lot of gray in them!  I certainly feel every year of my age after watching and listening to this conversation!



  1. I was also part of that time. WOW doesn't seem that long ago does it.

  2. You awaken my curiosity. What was that piece of equipment?

    1. I can't even remember what the piece of equipment was, since I was shocked at how old these guys looked to be having dads who were my age and who served in Vietnam. My oldest is about 2 years short of 50, and served in Iraq as well as Afghanistan. Can someone explain to me what we, the U.S., gained from either of these wars? We sure lost a lot of young people in their prime.

    2. I should have worded the above reply to be more clear that I wonder what we gained from fighting in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other countries around the world.