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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Weekend, Again!

I stayed with Jeannie's girls last night while she and Donald went out with friends.  I took tubes of acrylic paint and a couple of canvases, and they spent the evening painting some beautiful pictures.  They were perfect angels!

Today we took bottles & cans to a recycling center, and when we got back were debating when to go back to the Mall where Jeannie needs to exchange shoes she bought last week.  Then the girls started fighting with each other and I've never seen anything like it!  It kind of put a damper on doing anything, so I came on home and maybe we will run our errands at the Mall tomorrow.  I also want to see if Barnes & Noble carries some kind of book that explains Windows 10.  So far I just can't even get started with it.

My house had started to get hot from being closed up since yesterday afternoon, but I have the swamp cooler and a fan running and it should be ok in a short time.  I really do NOT like the heat!

I hope you all are staying cool (or warm wherever you live).  I'm told we are going into an ice age but it looks like California isn't going to be involved.  Wouldn't you just know it.

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