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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Flip Flopping again

I keep changing my mind.  Donald came over this morning to drive me to get my haircut, and I told him I was definitely going to send the Dell back, for x, y, and z reasons.  When we got back to my house later he fooled around with the Dell and changed many of the things I dislike about it.   I am a little more comfortable with it, but it's nothing like an Apple!   That said, I might keep it to use as a backup until I get the Apple diagnosed and fixed, or else have to buy a new Apple.  

I'm so anxious to get this surgery over with.  My sight is worse today than it was yesterday, and yesterday was worse than the day before.  I hate to think of what it will be like by next Tuesday!

The heat here is awful - 101, and on its way up to 106.  The swamp cooler just can't do much of a cooling job above 90.  I've been thinking about getting a small window a/c but it would drive my electric bills sky high.  I just keep thinking about Cincinnati summers when we had no a/c.  Even the first office I worked in had no a/c!  (That was with humidity, but hot is hot and dry heat just causes one to shrivel up like a prune!

The day has flown by, and I hate to see them go so fast!  Take care, y'all and I will try to do the same.


  1. A small A/C unit that would only cool one room could be a Godsent particularly in your bedroom. Just curious, do you open a window just a crack at the opposite end of the house from the swamp cooler? My experience with them is it helps for some reason.

    Praying the surgery is successful.

    1. Yes, I open a small kitchen window when running the cooler. An A/C wouldn't be helpful in my bedroom. For one thing, Sacramento cools down in the evening and it is rare to be the least uncomfortable when I go to bed. I open the bedroom window, and usually by morning I'm covering up with a sheet or something because of the cool air. Thanks for the good vibes regarding my surgery. I feel pretty confident about it, but to be honest, I have absolutely no control over it. I'm just trying to stay positive and am not too worried about it - I'm more worried about how I will eat, drink my coffee, etc.

  2. I think about having to learn how to use a Mac and it would take a long time. So patience dear friend. Praying for fantastic results next Tuesday.

    1. I think the Mac is much easier and don't remember having much trouble getting used to my first one, but of course I was younger then. I'm back on my Mac now until I can get a new battery, cursor, or whatever is causing all the problems with it, and it is so clean and simple compared to the Dell. I don't like the new operating system of the Mac, but for the way I use my computer I don't have to worry about it much.