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Friday, April 13, 2018

I wore myself out today!

I know I'm sitting way too much and I just read an article saying that for an older person, sitting too much causes memory loss.  I don't need to do anything to encourage my memory to get any worse, so I've tried to keep busy today, including 2 loads of wash and cleaning the kitchen.

Then I came across a website that has exercises for seniors.  I'm a sucker for things like that, and out of 10 very simple exercises I finished 5 of them.   They are designed to improve mobility, but right now I'm anything but mobile!  I notice that when I get into a van with a higher step than a regular car, I have to pull myself up and it isn't easy!

I did go to the medical clinic this morning to get some blood drawn for thyroid tests, plus got the pneumonia shot.  I'm never bothered by needles but for some reason today, the needle stung pretty badly when drawing blood, and the pneumonia shot was painful as well.

Last night I made the most delicious shepherd's pie, and while I enjoyed eating it (plus leftovers) I am reminded that beef doesn't really agree with me.

I plan to do some shopping this weekend but so far haven't heard from Jeannie when she is available to go with me.  I'll go by myself if I need to, but I know she worries about me driving anywhere.  If I'm going by myself I'd rather do it on a weekday morning. 

I think I will enjoy a beer this afternoon.  I bought some Sam Adams Boston Lager, which I think is the best beer I've tasted except maybe for  local craft breweries'  offerings.  I enjoy both, and they are totally different brews so no competition exists.  There are many local craft breweries near where I live, but expansion eventually ruins them and they go out of business, or become something totally different.

Here's wishing you all a good weekend!



  1. A good beer hits the spot but then I found out that it contains quite a few cancer causing elements. I haven't had a drink in 25 or 30 years. Yep, they had to shut down a few breweries and distilleries (grin).

    1. I think everything contains cancer causing elements, but I also think heredity and genetic make up play a part. I don't drink much and never more than one at a time (at home), or maybe two when I'm out, so I'll just take my chances. After all the years of the warnings for drinking coffee, now they say it's good for you. When you live long enough you see everything goes in full circle. The thing I truly regret was smoking for so many years.

  2. I am so happy to be back somewhere that I can do hiking for exercise rather than walking around and around the block. Wonder if shepard's pie would be good with chicken if beef doesn't agree?

    1. I might alter the seasonings using chicken rather than beef, but this time I didn't really measure much - just eyeballed everything - and put in what I had on hand. I forgot to get the frozen peas out of the fridge, and there was one other ingredient I forgot. It was probably the best shepherd's pie I ever made! I often use ground sausage in place of beef and am usually pleased with the results. I have chicken in the freezer I need to use before my trip so I will try something creative with it.

      I haven't been on a dirt trail in so long. I just forget about walking around the streets in my neighborhood because they are constantly spraying those lines in the sky. They can't be doing us any good.