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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Art Show

I went to a showing of art produced by students from grades 1 through 12 of the San Juan School District.  I will show some of them in random order - click on an image to enlarge.

My granddaughters' art offerings are the two tall pictures at the bottom of the board.

This is just a sampling of the hundreds of drawings, paintings, ceramics, etc.   There were many outdoor activities for the kids, but it was difficult to get a good photo  because people were always moving in and out.

It was the same indoors - almost impossible to get good photos because of all the activity around them.  I was totally amazed at the talent and how different it was in "my day", although I think having actual "art teachers" today instead of the class teacher having to do art as well makes a big difference.  

It was a really fun day, and I'm grateful to have been included in it.


  1. Those pictures are all good, but the last one is superb.

    1. I think that one was in the high school group, whereas all the others were in the elementary school grades. My photography doesn't do them justice, but I had a difficult time focusing on the subject.

  2. I'm very impressed by such talent. Wonderful.