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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Caught off guard!

The heat today caught me off guard, as I don't yet have my swamp cooler uncovered and can't use it.  I held off until I was fairly sure it wouldn't rain  any more this season.  It's up in the 80's today and tomorrow, and then will go back down to a more tolerable 70's and 60's for a while.  I wish it would stay at 65 for the rest of the summer, but that's a pipe dream!

I'm expecting my sister and her husband to drop by later, and I hate it that it's so warm in my house.

I was going to cook today but didn't get the meat thawed out in time, so I just said "the heck with it".  My appetite is way down lately - I don't know what's causing it but eating only two meals a day doesn't help hold on to my weight gain.  I lose my appetite in the late afternoon and just snack if I eat anything.

I visited my opthamologist yesterday morning and confirmed my left eye is really bad.    I wrote down what is wrong with it but can't find where I put the note!  The Dr. said I need surgery and is sending a referral to a specialty group.  He says the surgery is very safe and effective, and he thinks I'll be happy with the results.  The group will call me and arrange a visit, although I might be back east for a couple of months.  My Dr. didn't see any problem with waiting until mid-summer.  I absolutely hate the thought of any more surgery, but having been through cataract removal in both eyes,  and cornea transplants in both,  I guess I can deal with it.  Is this what getting old is all about?  There are several other issues I have that probably warrant surgery, or will in the future, but I'm not even going to think about it, much less mention any of it to a doctor.   I'd like for my eyesight to get better however.

I've been doing a few exercises every day to try to improve my balance as well as upper body muscles.  I'm doing "wall push-ups" to see if I can get prepared to do the regular kind.   I have trouble seeing, walking, remembering, and a lots more, but by golly I'm going to do push-ups in the near future!



  1. Start off slow with the exercising, you don't want to over do it and be worse off than before you started. Take care, you hear?

    1. Oh, I learned to not overdo it, especially in the beginning. I did get on the floor this morning to see if I could do one pushup. I guess I have a little more practicing to do!