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Friday, April 27, 2018

Another Fun Art Day!

Arianna came to spend the day with me today and we got out the art supplies.  She did a very nice painting in acrylics while I kept busy opening and closing tubes of paint, washing paint brushes, changing the water she was dipping the brushes into, and all that fun stuff.

After she finished the painting we walked over to In-N-Out Burger and got some lunch.  She has had numerous allergies since infancy, and recently found out some of them have gone away so she could have a cheeseburger rather than a plain burger.  She could have most everything they normally put on it except for mayonnaise which contains eggs and that is still a "no no".  It's wonderful to see her enjoying things she has not been able to eat.

When we returned she decided to do some sketching.  I found some good websites that have easy to follow instructions for sketching just about anything, especially lots of animals, birds, fish, and other wildlife.  I love to see a kid so interested in trying as well as improving their skills.

It was a fun day for me and I'll probably "crash" early this evening.  Right now I'd like a beer but I'm out of it, and the rush hour traffic will be holding me off for another hour.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be going to Old Fair Oaks (an artsy older neighborhood I lived in about 8 yrs ago where they will be holding an art show.  I think I'll enjoy it.  For now I just need a rest.


  1. It is nice to hear of a young'un who is interested in the arts. Encourage her as much as you can.

    1. I really try to encourage her and her sister to follow their artistic instincts by giving them lots of art supplies. What they really love is to come to my house by themselves - not together - and have an "art day" here.