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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Budding artists

Two of my granddaughters (Jeannie's girls) came over recently for an "art day", and I thought I'd show you the results.  Click on a picture to enlarge it.

These are two pictures drawn by Arianna, using color art pencils. age 8.  

Then Autumn, age 11 arrived and here is her offering:

I think they do very good work, and it all comes from their imaginations, no models to follow.

Mike and his family are in town and I spent most of today with them.  After having a big breakfast at a restaurant we love, we went to Folsom Outlet Mall and did some shopping and browsing.  I didn't sit down very often so maybe I can count all the walking as exercise! 

Besides being tired, I am very happy to have spent the day with them.  It nearly breaks my heart to see Josh trying to do things with his left hand, as he just fractured his right wrist while snowboarding.  I may have written previously that he broke his finger, but in fact he fractured his wrist. 

I'm tired and if I get into a relaxing position I probably will fall asleep, so I'll close for today.



  1. Those girls did a great job on those drawings.

    1. Thank you. Of course as their grandmother I conbsider them to be future DaVinci's!

  2. Grandmother or not you are right both of those girls are very talented. I would be happy to frame and hang any of those pictures on my wall. I'm especially taken with the textures in the first one. All from their own visions - amazing! Boy are you rightfully proud. I suspect the talent comes from you.

    1. I'd have to say the talent comes from their dad, Donald. But thank you for thinking it might be from me. I try to encourage them.