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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rain, rain, rain!

It poured down throughout the night and has been falling all day long.  I have a couple of leaks - the ceiling ventilation fan in the bathroom for one.  The other one is at my bedroom window, which faces south.  The rain is coming from the south and blew against my windows all night long - it looks like it came through the screen on the right side, filled the channel below the screen, and from there flowed over to the stationary window.  I sleep with my bed against that wall, and woke up with water dripping on my head!  Until I get that fixed some way I will just have to check it whenever I wake up, and keep a roll of paper towels next to the bed.  

Part of the problem is that these older model mobile homes have no gutters.  There is a small curved channel around the roof line, but in a decent rain the water just fills that tiny channel and rolls over - down the windows and walls of the house.  The channel is absolutely worthless.  If I ever replaced the roof I would have actual gutters installed, but to fix just the really necessary items on this house would be extremely costly and I'd still have a crappy 1962 model mobile home.  

I'd like to go into an apartment but rents have gone up exponentially in the last two years.  I like the area I live in but I may have to move to a different location to find a decent apartment.  My biggest problem is that I don't want a tenant above me, and there are very few one-story rentals unless I rented a duplex, which again, is more than I can afford.

I decided today that the table next to my chair was a total mess, so I took every thing off it and got rid of a lot of junk.  It is a two tiered table, and the bottom layer was the worst.  I still have a few small piles of junk that I need to find a place for or throw away.   It seems also like my coffee table top has provided a temporary spot for the items I took from the chair side table.  Why am I such a packrat?

I refuse to complain about the rain just yet, as we have had a long dry spell.  This is typical California winter rain, although it has begun a bit early in the season.  I think the climate engineering going on has a detrimental affect on the entire weather system, but those planes keep flying!

I think I will go see what I can find to eat.  I'm not very hungry yet, but if I wait much longer I will lose any appetite I have.  Have a good day/evening - whatever it is where you are located.


  1. I can sympathize with leaks in the house as well as being a packrat :(

    We have had rain but not as much as we need. Today or rather yesterday they released the Texas drought map and we are once again under one for this area.

    Have a nice day.

    1. I'd like to send you a little bit of our rain. Even when it rains here they tell us we're still in a drought.

  2. The leak around the bathroom vent maybe dried out caulking. In my mobile home I had plastic vent covers and the sun rotted them. I replaced them with metal ones that had hoods over them plus new caulking stopped the leaks. Sound like the next window to replace is your bedroom one.

    The rent went up $150/mt this year for my apartment so moving is always a crap-shoot.

    1. Thanks for your comments. My son is coming over to look at the vent tomorrow and will probably find that it needs new caulk. The problem with the bedroom window is the fact that the rain was blowing directly toward the window which has a screen. It came through the screen and into the channel below, and then moved over to the window section that is stationary. I think there should be something to block the channel, but I'll let Steve look at it. All the windows were replaced and I'm very satisfied with them. One major problem with this model of mobile home is that there are no gutters; a heavy rain will just roll off the roof, down over the aluminum sides, over the windows, and whatever is in the way. Terrible design, but after living for several years in an RV I shouldn't be surprised. Terrible workmanship and materials in many instances, and no real standards required of the manufacturers.

      I hear you about the rents going up - it is happening here as well and I'm sure I'd be miserable in an apartment, especially if I had another apt. directly overhead. You may remember when I was in an apt, ground floor, and the guy upstairs came home late on Christmas Eve and started playing with an electric guitar. He plunked that think the entire night and his living room was right over my bedroom. I didn't get a wink of sleep! So I've been burned on 2 story apartment bldgs.

  3. Not clear if such is allowed in your area, but are there advertisements for living units that are the "Granny Cottage" type of stand-alone units on someone else's property? This method might provide a way for you to live in a one-story, but small, apartment, while allowing someone else the pleasures of building upkeep.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Sounds great but I've never heard of such a thing in this area. Most CA cities have very dense housing; small lots and divided by wooden fences. (Because I live in a mobile home park and the houses nearly touch each other to begin with, there are no fences!)

      One of the things I loved about going back east was seeing houses, backyards, etc., unencumbered by those damn claustrophobic fences!