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Monday, November 20, 2017

Enjoying 3 of my granddaughters

My granddaughter Ara is in town for 2 weeks, and it is a treat to spend time with her.  She had moved to Sacramento but could never find anything like the satisfying job she had back east.  She is with an organization (Camp Hill, which is in many locations) that provides housing and care for autistic people of all ages.  (I may get this a little bit scrambled, but I'll explain it as I see it.)

Ara was working at Camp Hill before coming to Sacramento, and they asked her to return to take over for a woman who was on maternity leave.  Even though it was a temporary 3-month position, she agreed to do it.  At the end of the term she was offered a very good management position which she accepted.    She is responsible for the management of two houses and oversight of the employees who work there, plus the overall needs of the residents and their care.  She isn't directly involved with hands on care of the residents now, but is in more of an oversight and management position.

The three girls came over to my house this weekend and the younger two enjoyed using my art supplies while Ara and I caught up with each others' lives.  I ended up giving them many good items out of my supplies, and when I went over to their house yesterday Autumn was busy painting small canvasses for Christmas presents, and Arianna was sketching animals in a sketchbook.   I went with the girls on Saturday night to dinner at Spaghetti Factory, and yesterday morning went to their house to drink coffee and work the NY Times Crossword puzzle with Ara.  We did quite well but missed Jeannie's participation.  Jeannie and Donald are gone for a week to an island with Joe and his wife, celebrating Joe's 40th birthday. 

So this is why I haven't had a chance to post an entry in my blog for the past few days.  I'm really enjoying the company of all three girls.

It has been overcast all day with drops of rain now and then.  I hear the  drone of planes overhead although I can't see them.   I thought they were spraying poisons to cause it to rain, but we really don't need help with that today.  Sorry to harp on that but I hate it, it will come to no good, and it sets my nerves on edge.

 On a happier note, my youngest granddaughter, Quinn, will be one year old this week.  Time flies!



  1. WHAT!!! But it was only a few weeks ago
    Quinn was born!! Geesh! Have fun,

    1. It sure seems like it to me too. Last time I saw her she was walking around the furniture and they won't ever hold her down again if she has anything to say about it!

  2. How wonderful to have granddaughters of such varying ages. Sounds like artistic talent runs in the family. Nice of you to pass on such a wonderful gene.

    1. It really is nice, and the grandsons are of varying ages as well. I'm afraid the artisic genes came from someone besides me. I can't hold a candle to the rest of them. I love encouraging them and would make sure they have any supplies they need.