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Monday, November 6, 2017

Good days ahead

I certainly am looking for good days.  I called the clinic this morning to make an appointment to get the B-12 shot, and they told me to come on in.  They didn't take long and I was soon out the door and on my way back home, wondering when I might notice some results, and at the same time thinking about some of the things I've been wanting to do when I got some energy.

I was told that I might not notice any effects of the B-12 right away, and that it is a cumulative thing, so each month it should make me feel better.  Maybe it's just my mindset and determination to be positive about this and the thyroid pills, but I'm definitely noticing a difference already.  Give me another week and I'll be recounting all the things I never thought I would care about doing again (cleaning my house is one, and the jury is still out on that one.)

I have gotten so much blood drawn over the past few months, but can't remember the last time I had a "shot".  I always relax as much as I can when they bring a needle toward me, and this morning I totally relaxed.  I could barely feel it, and told the person who administered the injection, "You are really GOOD".  She seemed pleased and I was pleased as well.

My son Joe is going to come over and put the cover back on the swamp cooler so I don't get cold drafts or rain through it, .  Speaking of cold, it is actually warmer outside than it is inside my house!   I got the winter sheets out and on the bed, and switched over to the down comforter.  At least I will be warm at night. 

He picked up the two girls at school and they came over for as long as it took him to set up the ladder and wrap the cooler.  The girls played "Go Fish", which always has me wanting to laugh.  One will ask for something like the "Three of clovers", and refer to spades as a heart with a stem in it.   They were hungry but I didn't have a thing they would eat - all I buy is healthy stuff!

I'm relieved that I don't have to worry about the rain dripping into my house, if we get much rain at all.

I'm getting hungry and wish I could just drive over to Chipotle or someplace like that and buy something already prepared.  But I have an easy supper planned so I'll just stay home.  Wish I had a beer right now!


  1. I am pretty sure that after a week of B-12 shots you will soon see a change for the better!

    I had to smile when I read the girls were hungry but all you had was healthy stuff. The same thing happened to me the other day...so decided I would go hungry instead :(

  2. I'm counting on feeling better every day from now on. I had purple and white grapes, as well as apples. They wouldn't have it.

  3. Really looking forward to hearing how the B-12 shots affect you. Seems the more we age the more they have to take blood tests to figure out what's really going on. At least they don't tell you oh well it's because you are getting old. A lot of doctors seem to write people off as they age and feel that anything that unusual that happens is just the result of "old age". You need my granddaughter - grapes and apples are way up on the list of things she likes to eat.

    1. I sure am ready for some feeling good days, but I think I might have to wait another week or so to feel the effects.

      My other grandkids love fruit but for some reason these two would rather have junk. I went out today and bought some junk snacks for them. I'm too old to try to raise someone else's kids, so I'll give them what they like.