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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Life at Warp Speed!

I just can't believe how the days and months are passing by so fast.  Tomorrow will be another Thanksgiving Day, and we will be ringing in another year soon.

My kids arrived back in the U.S. early this morning and will be in Sacramento tomorrow morning.  I will be relieved when they step off that plane.  For having been such a world traveler in my lifetime, I hate to see my kids leave the country, or go anywhere by plane for that matter.  Times have certainly changed.

The western sky is so beautiful right now - that last few minutes before the lights go out in the west are lovely.  So many colors and they make a perfect backdrop for the palm trees.

I did a bit of shopping at Target this morning, but my feelings about that store are deteriorating rapidly.  I can't say what it is, but I can no longer find merchandise I want, and I seem to waste a lot of time.  The employees at the cash register are very friendly, which makes the trip end well, and as the old saying goes, "All's well that ends well".

The woman in line ahead of me must have bought some kind of alcohol because they had to verify her birth date, which was in 1974!  I laughed and said they never ask me any more, even in jest.  When I was checked out with a 6 pack of Sam Adams in my purchases, the cashier smiled at me and said he put "1996" .

Have a good day tomorrow!


  1. I have to agree with you...this year has certianly flown by...wish it had been that way when I was a teenager.

    It is a good thing that now that I am old enough to buy liquor (in my case beer or wine) they card people. In my day you only had to be 18 years old which we weren't. The beauty of living in a small town was that we always had winos willing to help us out and only asked for a beer from the six pack they help us score, lol :D

    1. Things were pretty loose when I was a late teen. I looked older and had no problem because they never carded anyone.