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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Slow Sunday

Although it's been a slow Sunday, the time seems to be flying by!  That seems to challenge the laws of physics, or something like that.

The family is in the Sierra today going snowboarding.  They signed up all the kids for lessons this morning before they actually came down the slopes on their own.  I think that's a good idea.  They are all going back tomorrow morning, but assure me they will be home in time to go to Straw Hat. 

It's a sunny day but I almost wish it was pouring rain, and at least the yappy dogs wouldn't be out across the street.  There are several people there with their dogs, one of which barks incessantly.  Evidently that is ok with the owner.

I hope everyone has a good week ahead, and I hope to as well. 


  1. Barking dogs would drive me crazy. We had our share of that here at times. Is there no law in you area about that? Right now it's quiet and I am thankful for that. hope your energy comes back and your spirits lift.

    1. It's a mobile home park and the mgmt does what it wants to do. I'm hoping with the new windows I'm having put it my house will be a little more soundproof, although the dogs are directly across the street.

  2. Gypsy, maybe you could speak with the dogs' owners. I that doesn't work, go out and start YELLING "Shut up". Owners will get that message! Mine go nuts barking if something prowls about at night, like a deer, skunk, human thieving prowler. Where I live their noise can often be a blessing. A big Lab, Shepherd, Rottweiler would be welcome though at times for I'm very vulnerable being alone.
    On another note, please tell me the title of that 'de-cluttering' book you used awhile back. I'm 'desperate'. Received one as a gift, I lent it to my s-i-l almost a year ago. She lost it, among ALL HER CLUTTER. LOL

    1. I'm going to speak to the park manager soon and ask again for them to close the dog park. It's too close to residences to have to put up with it. It is not in my nature to get into a "dogfight" with neighbors, and I certainly wouldn't go out and scream at anyone. It is not my place to educate dog owners on decent, acceptable behavior, but the park management who caused this whole thing should have to do it. They write strong notes in the monthly bulletin, but they are too far away to catch the actual behavior, and all the strong words in the world don't affect stupid, inconsiderate people such as some of the dog owners.

      Barking when anyhone comes near their home territory is completely acceptable to me, but those dogs don't "own" that little patch of fenced in grass across the street.

      The book is "The Magic Art of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo.