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Thursday, April 13, 2017

More Rain!

It is coming down pretty heavy and I'm getting so tired of it!    At least it is keeping the temperatures down.  My sister called when they reached Carson City NV yesterday afternoon, and said they were expecting 9-12" more snow in the mountains.   What a run-off it's going to be when all that stuff melts this year.

It was really nice going back to the gym last night.   I forget how much good it does me to exercise regularly.   I didn't realize it but Jeannie told me Mike has a membership at Planet Fitness in NY, so he could have been going with us.   Ara has been getting up early (like 4am) and going for a workout with Sarah (Joe's wife), and then meeting us in the evening as well.  So she's getting double the workouts and has lost 12#.    That is an accomplishment and I compliment her on her determination!

Last night on at least two occasions I was at one of the machines and had a very young man come up to me and tell me how to better adjust the machine for my height and comfort.    I don't usually bother because it's difficult for me to see where and how to adjust some of the machines, but I thought it was so sweet of them - sort of like how a grandson might want to help his grandma!   It's usually the very young men who are so helpful and considerate, although I have no gripe with anyone there.

Two weeks now until I see the endocrinologist, and I'm hoping she can give me some advice on foods to eat and foods to avoid with regard to the thyroid problem.  I read a lot of websites and articles about it but they are all so confusing as well as contradictory.  I think for sure I want to try to go back to low carb-very little sugar in my diet but that leaves out most bread which I love!   There just isn't a decent substitute either.

I have just 5 minutes if I want to be dressed by 10am this morning!  I don't know where the time as gone, but I'm being lazy today.


  1. Wow 12 pounds. I hope that's over about 3 months. If you take weight off too fast, it comes right back with a vengeance at the first opportunity. Seems to me that getting older is enough of a pain. Should be that you just get thinner and thinner so you can eat all the bread and pasta and ice cream you want.

    1. All I know is that she is looking pretty spectacular!