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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Market Day

I always look forward to Saturday mornings, and especially now that the spring & summer crops are starting to arrive.  I bought cherries that are so good and sweet, and I'll be filling up on them each week while the supply lasts.  It's not a very long season.  The strawberries & blueberries are also beautiful, and I got a bag of navel oranges as well.

A young man, probably 10 or so, was in front of me in the line holding a head of cauliflower.  He must really like it - he held it out to show me, waved his hand over the top and simply said "Cheese".  That's exactly the way I like my cauliflower, lightly cooked with a good layer of shredded cheddar on top, so I bought one for myself.  I just finished my dinner and it included half a cauliflower!  I also bought farm fresh eggs and some swiss chard.  The egg yolks are such a beautiful deep color and I don't think there is anything like a recently laid egg from a chicken that can peck and scratch the soil and wander about.  All I'm missing is my Grandma's hot biscuits to go with them.

My health must be improving a bit as I have been doing jobs that I've neglected for months.  My kitchen counter top is spotless, as is the stove.  I almost hate to cook anything on it! 

I have beautiful breezes coming in through the windows I've opened (I can do that now that I have decent screens!).  We are just short of 80 degrees today, but I'm afraid our wonderful 70's days are in the past.

I didn't get to the gym today, but maybe tomorrow.  No hurries, and no worries for me!



  1. Sounds like you bought some really good fruits and veggies today. I had just been making out my list but they won't be as good as the Farmers Market things you get.

    Isn't wonderful to be able to open the windows to enjoy the spring before it gets to hot to open the windows.

    1. I spent a little more than I had intended, but I love all the stuff I bought. I went to my car and dropped off my purchases, then decided to go back for oranges. The vendors let you sample their produce, so I tasted the oranges & cherries before buying!