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Friday, April 21, 2017

One of those days!

Everyone has one of those days now and then when nothing seems to work right.  Well, today is my day.  I bought a small jar of paint to match that in my art/computer room, as the new window has a strip of unpainted area, about a inch wide, all around the window.  I figured it would be an easy job, but was stunned to find I might as well not try to do it (I did try on a small strip of the wall), as my eyesight is too poor to tell when I'm straying into the frame of the new window!

Then I took one set of curtain panels that are in pretty good shape to place temporarily at one of the windows - just one panel at each side - and for some reason the panels are way too long.  I can't figure out where I hung them in the first place as I'm sure I had nothing that dragged the floor, which these do.  It could be that they will fit the driveway side window as the ceilings are a bit higher on that side of the house, but they will still nearly reach the floor and I don't remember them doing that before.  The wall on that window had severe water damage from years ago which was always covered up by the drapes, so Steve has promised to replace the paneling on much of that wall, which means of course that the new stuff will have to be primed and painted.  I was going to ask Donald to paint around the window that I started on because he has such a steady hand and a good eye, and is meticulous about his work, but I don't know about the big section of wall that will be replaced.  It's pretty obvious that I can't do it.  

What a bummer - I always enjoyed painting, and this is one of those things I mentioned in a previous post that I find I can't do any more.

The temperature is on its way up to 76 this afternoon, and I finally don't have to wear a jacket in the house!  I even have the front door open to just the screen.  April has been a delightful month so far, weather-wise, more like what I remembered it being like in the east.

My probiotics were delivered this morning so I've started my daily dose of them and the tumeric.  I sure hope I see results.  It occurred to me while I was suffering with awful heartburn last night that what I eat has a lot to do with my problem.  I do eat a good and healthy diet.  I am also addicted to sweets and have a supply of those on hand that I get into during the early evening.  After dinner yesterday I also drank a beer.  I'm not sure about the one bottle of beer, but I am sure the sweets are not doing me any good.  Ironically when I eat out, which is rarely, or go to one of the craft breweries, also rarely, the draft beer never has an bad effect on me.  In fact, it has quite the opposite effect and I feel great!  I noticed that on the two occasions I went out to dinner with all the kids while Mike was here.

I hope to have a good weekend coming up, and wish the same for everyone else in blogland!


  1. I guess if Steve is going to replace a part of the wall you might just wait with the touch up.

    Hope your heart burn goes away now.

    1. I've lived with that bad wall for some time and I can do it for a while longer. If I think he won't be able to get to it soon, I'll hang some old curtains back up to hide it, which is probably a good idea anyway.

      I hope the heartburn goes away too. It is almost worse than anything I've suffered in a long time - really debilitating.

  2. Have they said what is wrong with your eyes? Is it cataracts or something they can't get the right glasses for? If you've told me then my failing memory has failed me again. I have the sweets problem too. I always feel better before I eat them than after but my mouth just craves them. Looking forward to hearing how the probiotics and tumeric work for you.

  3. I have macular degeneration, and it is getting worse at an alarming rate. So far I've only taken the probiotics/tumeric twice, but I think it's starting to work already. I remember when I started taking them the first time I noticed a difference after the first dose! I can say more about it after a week or so.