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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dead Battery

Ara and I drove my car to Costco this morning and when we had loaded the groceries in the back, the car wouldn't start.  No sound, no nothing.  Fortunately we were parked right across from the Tire Center and a guy came out and jump started it for us.  I'm safely parked in my driveway now, front end facing out to the street, and will just stay put until Monday morning.  If I can drive it to Les Schwab I will see if they can test the battery to find out if that was the cause of my problem, or if it is something else.

I have had an iMac computer for several years, sitting in my little office-art room.  It is a huge screen on a stand and whatever runs the computer is not noticeable.  Ara's computer is probably not fixable after spilling orange juice on the keyboard, so I offered her the iMac.  She already has it switched over to herself and took it home with her this afternoon.  I'm glad to know someone will be using it - it's nice but I found the screen just too big.  

I'm really tired from all the last week's activity, and think I may take a day next week where I don't even bother to get dressed, but nap off and on all day long!  I probably won't be able to do it for some reason, but it sure sounds good to me now.


  1. Hope it's the battery since that's a relatively cheap fix as auto troubles go. How okd is it?

    1. Not sure how old it is although probably before 2011 as that is when I bought the vehicle. The guy who jumped it said the date is way around on the side and difficult to see from where he stood. They sell the batteries but don't install them, and he wasn't too helpful except that he came out and jumped it for me which helped me out considerably. I might try to start it today and see if it turns over.

    2. I did start it about Noon on Sunday and it turned over immediately. I wonder if it was something with the starter or ignition - I don't know enough about cars to trouble shoot anything. I'll find out when I take it to a mechanic on Monday.