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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Soccer Saturday

I drove to meet Donald and the girls at their house this morning, very early for a Saturday, and rode with them to Autumn's soccer game.  It was a good game with the final score something like 5-4, with Autumn's team losing.  They played well though.  Autumn got moved up from the team she has been with all along and plays with girls a year older this year.  She gets along really well with them and it probably makes her game better by playing with girls who have an additional year of experience.  It sure looked like rain, but the rain held off.

I took a long nap this afternoon because I had to get up and going so early this morning.  A quick trip to the library  to return a book and pick one up rounded out what has been my day.

I've been trying to count my calories because I want to add 4 or 5#, but if I eat more calories in the morning then I am not hungry for the rest of the day.  I had a decent breakfast and a good lunch, but other than a protein shake this afternoon I think I'm finished for the day.  I have always complained of cramps in my legs and feet at night, but have discovered if I drink a protein shake then I don't have them that night.  So I'm drinking the shakes even when I don't go to the gym - using whole milk I'm still only adding about 300 calories.  I just don't know how to consume more without feeling awful and bloated.  I finished the first of the meat loaves and the last bite was as good as the first.  I remember why I rarely eat beef though as it gives me indigestion.  A little bit of organic apple cider vinegar in water at night seems to take care of it, but it seems to be a vicious circle to me.   Chicken is marginally better from the standpoint of indigestion, and pork doesn't bother me at all.   I eat pork mainly when I eat out, and I don't do that very often.

It looked so much like rain today and tomorrow we will probably see it falling for sure.  But today turned out to be gray but nothing falling from the skies.

On the way home this morning I noticed a new ARCO gas station with regular at $2.27/gal.  One block down the street, the Shell Station has regular for $2.70, and the Exxon station catty corner to it is $2.85/gal.  I really can't understand the disparity in prices so close together.  I realize Arco is usually a lot cheaper and it is a new station trying to attract customers, but the Shell/Exxon difference is a puzzle to me.  

I haven't heard from Jeannie & Ara for a couple of days but they are due in tomorrow sometime.  How early depends on where they stop for tonight.   Yesterday they visited a friend in Olympia, Washington.   Usually when I get within a state or two of home I become anxious to get there quickly and I'm sure they are ready to wind up their travels.


  1. Reading about your indigestion , my husband takes enzymes before he eats
    dinner, especially meat. Seems to really help. For me probiotics and
    plain yogurt . I often drizzle it wit honey if I don't have fruit to put on it.
    A friend of mine that has stomach problems swears by lots of good plain yogurt.
    You may have already tried it but thot I'd mention it.
    We are loving the rain too.... Just cooler weather is a dream ! Lol

    1. I've been taking a probiotic daily for almost a year now, and it really has helped especially since my gallbladder was removed. I know lots of people love yogurt. To me the taste and texture are the most vile I've ever encountered. That and coconut - I can't eat coconut or yogurt to save my life! Fortunately a tsp of apple cider vinegar in 2 or 3 oz of water gives me immediate relief. I was using Heinz which is very hard to swallow, but since I've been using organic Bragg's brand I find it really palatable, in water of course!

  2. Congrats to Autumn on being such a star she got moved up even if her team did lose this time. I wonder what our paleo ancestors did about meat indigestion. I think a lot of people have it. Not those on the Paleo diets obviously. I know you are anxious for the girls to wind up their trip. I'm very impressed that they did not run into snow on the northern route they took.

    1. They drove through the night and arrived home at about 8am, according to the msg I just got. They were going to go to sleep for a while, so I don't know many details about their trip, but it seems like luck was on their side.

  3. I used to love going to watch my grand kids play sports but the heat here sometimes was to much.

    I rarely eat red meat for the same reason. I wanted some turkey sausage when I went shopping and the little Walmart stopped selling it. I guess I will have to shop for it somewhere else now and pay almost double for it.

    1. I doubt I will ever eat red meat except now and then, but I can tell you I sometimes crave it, which I take to indicate that I need something high in iron & protein. I can deal with it on a "now and then" basis.