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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Another Art Wednesday!

I'll see how it goes this evening at art class; I'm not going to be there the next two weeks which will give me an opportunity to think about where I'm going with this.   I've already discovered I do better at drawing than at painting, but after watching some beginner Youtube videos , I can see I've been holding my brush all wrong, as well as making the strokes incorrectly.  No wonder I've had problems.  I just hope to finish off the lemons tonight. 

I'm taking my lighthouse sketch in case I have time to start on a larger canvas.  I don't know whether I should lug the ceramic lighthouse with me to use as a model - I think I've drawn it pretty well and to size for the most part.

Jeannie and Ara were in Pittsburgh yesterday.  I've only been in the downtown area one time and it is remarkable how they spruced it up.  That was over 15 years ago and I have no idea what it is like now.  I keep going in to the room where I have my big US wall map hanging, and roughly figure out what route I'd like to drive across the country and back.  Do I want to meander both ways, or just go the quickest way getting there and take my time getting back.  This is purely speculative, you understand.  Now that Lutein isn't the miracle product for my eyes that I had hoped it would be, I just don't know if I could do it.  If I do I will try to avoid all big cities as well as all but a few miles of interstates.  Dream on, gypsy!

The itching is easing up - my ears have been driving me bonkers because they itched way down inside where I couldn't get to it to scratch!  My collarbone looks a little better although it is still dicey!  The rest of me still feels like I have fleas!  I've never had fleas but have seen a dog with fleas and it's not a pretty sight.  It will probably take another day or two for that stuff to be out of my system, at least I hope it won't take longer.

 Usually I experience a mixture of stress and excitement before my art class, but with 2 hrs to go before I leave home, I just felt a calm peace fall over me.  It's a wonderful, warm feeling and doesn't happen often.  I feel those emotions usually, but not all at once, so this is a treat.  I can't wipe the smile off my face.

I don't plan to eat dinner before I leave, but I have a very small amount of ice cream left in the tub, and then I can get it out of my freezer to make room for two more the next time I am at Costco.


  1. Hope you enjoyed your art class.
    Getting the bug to drive across country again I see. If you can then do it.

    1. I get that bug every time I walk into the spare room with the big US map on the wall. Just hearing now and then from Jeannie makes me want to be on the road again! We'll see if I can do it and whether I'll have enough money to do it.

  2. Glad to hear the itching is at least a bit less. Any mention of eating ice cream makes my mouth water.

    1. This morning I find the itching has really eased up, excet my collarbone is driving me nuts still. Ice cream makes everything better!

  3. Howdy Gypsy, I have been reading your blog for ages it seems. I too am a wanna be artist. Took lessons many years ago and did quite well BUT my paintings looked just like my teachers lol. Who btw way was a fantastic artist. Anyway, have you looked for Gary Jenkins on Youtube. He and his wife paint beautiful floral paintings. I had better luck watching him then I did with the Bob Ross series. I do like the way BR paints however watching his videos the painting went just too fast that I just couldn't keep up. So imho find your own style and stick with that. Don't try to copy/follow other painters style cuz it just won't work for you. I think there is an artist hidden somewhere inside of you and you just need to keep on looking for her. Good luck and happy painting...

    1. What nice comments you write, and I appreciate them. I have been watching so many different artists on YouTube I should keep a list of them all. I can't remember if I've seen Gary Jenkins or not, but I will check him out.

      The thing I like about Bob Ross, and now that I've watched probably 100 of his youtube videos I can appreciate how he does trees. I wouldn't want to have to do every stroke, one at a time after seeing him do it so quickly. Trees, mountains, lakes with reflections are all things I would love about using oils although I won't be going to the expense of switching any time soon.

      I just did a small painting and the sketch I did beforehand is so much better than the acrylic version. I wonder if I should just stick to drawing for a while until I get proficient at it.

      Thanks again.