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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Table is set up

Steve came by fairly early and started to work, moving the big desk and helping me get rid of a lot of things I needed to get rid of.  The room is still crowded, but if I can ever get back to sorting and storing photos in an intelligent manner, I will have a good room there.  I took a couple of pictures, but as you might see on one side or another there is a pile of junk.  I can live with it for bit longer.

We moved the big desk/computer/printer to another wall - the one I'm so fond of looking at because of the big U.S. map on the wall.  (Click on the photo to enlarge it)

I need to do a good cleaning job on that desk top - it is covered with a HEAVY layer of glass, and I should remove everything and give it a good cleaning.

The art table took a while to assemble because of the many pieces, but Steve is good at assembly, very intuitive.   There are no words on the instructions, just pictures.  He got it together very well.  I still haven't moved any of my art supplies to that room, but think I will do some cleaning before I start transferring things.

I didn't want much tilt to the top until I see how I use it, but it will go flat or at a very steep angle.  The table extension on the left also comes out a bit.  There are so many places to hold and store items, which is why I want to see how I intend to use it before I move a lot of art supplies.

I don't know if I mentioned it but the bulbs in the ceiling fixture in that room burned out about a week ago.  I knew I should wait until one of the kids could fix it for me, but I just couldn't stand it so I got my one-step ladder and propped my padded desk chair on one side of me (so I could fall into something with no sharp edges).  After a bit of hassle I got the fixture off and changed the bulbs, but couldn't figure out how to put the fixture back up.  Steve did that for me today.  I apologize for the glare of light in the photos - whether from the window, the flash, or the light fixture.  As long as you get the picture ....!

Before Steve arrived I had started making a big pot of chicken vegetable soup - I had already cooked the chicken so it was a matter of cutting it up, adding the vegetables and spinach fettucini, and thickening the broth a little.  After the table assembly we both sat down to a big bowl of soup which turned out to be very tasty.

Jeannie and Ara actually drove through the Tetons and went to Yellowstone yesterday.  They saw Old Faithful in its glory, plus several other geysers that were erupting.  The only wildlife they've seen has been a coyote who moved away before they could take a photo.  Jeannie thought Yellowstone Park is beautiful.  I loved the Tetons but unfortunately the crowds had me running by the time I reached Yellowstone, and I'm sure I won't get that way again.  She took lots of photos and managed to get a video, so I look forward to seeing those.

I'm so grateful they have had good weather, relatively little traffic, and excellent conditions for driving.  Coming across the country in any season, by any route, can be such a crap shoot, and if it turns out to be perfect then you are very fortunate.



  1. That is a very nice table. When I was younger my parents made me assemble whatever they bought that required it. Back then I had the patience, not anymore. I bought a shoe rack last month and it's still in its box.

    I have meant to ask if the girls are pulling a trailer with Ara's stuff. It is such a long trip to drive cross country, I do not think I could do it.

    You made me hungry, a home made soup sounds delicious!

    1. Back then, the instructions were probably a lot easier to understand. I used to be able to assemble things as well, but no more. The girls are not pulling a trailer. I would have worried myself sick if I thought they were, and I've been worried enough as it is although they have done fine.

      About your comment on halloween years ago, I don't think anyone had a costume except what they could throw together from what was at home, and a face mask. What in the world has changed things so drastically?

  2. Really like the looks of your art desk. It seems perfect. You can be sure if there are only pictures and no instructions that the folks who made it don't speak or write English. Really glad to see that "the girls" are having such good weather and no snow coming straight across the middle and the Rockies. Amazing they saw no bison in Yellowstone though. They've been everywhere every time we've been there.

    1. I looked at the box and it is made in China. I think I prefer the pictures-only instructions to the ones where they print everything in 5 or 6 languages, and you are having to look through a much larger instruction booklet to find a few words in English on each page.

      This was well packaged by the way. The screws and bolts were all together on a page covered in wrap so they wouldn't get lost, and you just removed them as needed. I read reviews that mentioned it taking a long time to assemble, but Steve had it together in a little over an hour.

  3. Your art table is really nice good job Steve. The soup sounds yummy. You had a good day all the way around.

    1. I always have a good day when one of my kids comes over. And the soup was extra good.